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For more information about this project, please contact Frederico Rosa at: or visit the website:

The EMEF rooftop was projected to use the new light weight system patented by Delker&Peitz named Rofa Boards. Rofa? Boards are economical and ultra light weight, easily manageable, requiring no specific specialist skills to install or maintain, adding the desired sound and thermal insulation, improving the biodiversity, extending the life of the roof itself while improving the air quality.The main request from the client, EMEF (one of the biggest companies in Portugal), was that this system had to be self-maintaned. So we at Sunergetic in agreement with Delker & Peitz planted a kind of Sedum, a plant that grows in Portugal (as well as in other countries) that can resist extreme weather, as we have months with a lot of rain and several months without a single drop of it.

This is the tecnical datasheet of the Rofa? planting board – Applications: Intensive green roofs, Extensive green roofs, Embankments, Prevention of soil erosion,Restoration of extreme surfacesEcology: Rofa? – Manufactured using natural, organic, sustainable ingredients; Rofa? – Creates a strong humus layer with high water retention characteristics; Rofa? – Quickfix Kokosmat – Including substrate consists of memory 350-450 g/m? coconut fibres + approximately 150 g/m? substrate of memory. The mat has on both sides a polypropylene mesh..Specific features: Patented ecological recipes using natural, organic, sustainable ingredients; Increases the thermal protective performance in roof construction; No special structure required (weight / m? approximately 8 kg dry); Reduced water consumption up to 70%; Reduced salinization of the earth by the lower water consumption; Reduces the evaporation of water, which increases root growth.Ingredients: Cereal/ mineral products, untreated natural fibres.Water storage performance: Rofa? planting mat – up to 15 litre/m?.Specific weight: Rofa? – approximately 110 kg /m? or 1,7 kg /m? (16 mm material thickness).Material size: Rofa? – max.: L= 3.500 x W= 2.100 mm x H= 14-20 mm.Water demand: Approximately. 15 litre/hour and m?, time approx. 3-5 min./day.


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