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For additional info about the Elmwood Park Zoo greenroof, contact: David Plechner, GRP, Design Sales Manager, C.M. Jones, Incorporated,; Office: 610.644.7224.

As part of an ongoing capital improvement project, the Elmwood Park Zoo through private donations and State money constructed this pavilion to serve as a multifunctional space. Completed on June 4, 2010, the green roof was a requirement from the very beginning of the project.

This sloped green roof was constructed using the Conservation Technology heavy duty drainage mat installed over an TPO roof. The black slotted edging manufactured by Permaloc was mechanically fastened to the roof to aid in slope stabilization. A 3″ cellular confinement system (Cell-tek) was then placed over the drain mat. Three inches of extensive growing medium was then placed within the system and finally planting were installed. Due to the time of year, we also recommended installation of a temporary irrigation system. This system was tied into the existing system already in use for various memorial gardens located near the new pavillion.


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