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The new Eastern Michigan University addition to the Mark Jefferson Science Complex, Phase I has an extensive green roof. It features drought-tolerant landscaping and is visible from faculty offices and the atrium.

Project was constructed within a previously developed site.
? Project removed an existing parking lot and decreased parking related impervious surface. No additional parking was constructed.
? On-site stormwater is captured in naturalized pre-treatment basins to improve water quality and encourage infiltration.
? On-site pavements consist of high-reflectivity materials to reduce solar gain and the resulting urban heat island effect.
? Landscape consists largely of plants native to Michigan which increases environmental and operational sustainability.
? An extensive green roof with native plantings caps the addition.

? Native landscape reduces water usage by sustaining itself without use of supplemental irrigation (no potable water use for irrigation)
? Ultra-low-flow plumbing fixtures, including pint-flush urinals, dual-flush toilets, and low-flow automatic faucets, are estimate to reduce building water use by 47%

? On track to earn a perfect score for Energy Optimization in LEED
? Exterior sunscreens control solar heat gain and glare on west fa?ade
? Improved thermal envelope for existing building
? Dedicated Outdoor Air System with radiant cooling and dual energy recovery system. One of the first chilled beam systems in the State, the system is expected to use 40% less energy than a conventional building with a lower first cost.
? Scrutinized the selection of main energy consuming equipment ? air handling units, exhaust fans, chiller ? to get the most efficient equipment installed with the lowest life cycle cost.
? Occupancy sensors to turn off lights and reset airflows and temperatures when spaces are un-occupied.
? Highly efficient lighting systems to provide light levels which meet or exceed required levels while reducing energy consumption.

? High recycled content and regional building materials selection emphasized
? Over 80% of construction waste recycled
Indoor Environmental Quality
? Extensive interior windows to provide borrowed light, access to views, and put science ?on display?
? Low-emitting finishes used throughout.


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