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To learn more about the Delta Guelph Hotel project, contact Mathis Natvik of Natvik Design Inc. at: 519.821.9333 or

The project features two 2,500 sf green roofs, placed on lower roof decks on a Delta Hotel. Views over of the green roofs can be enjoyed by hotel guests, visitors in conference rooms, and from the side walks on Stone Road and Gordon Street.

A low maintenance mix of sedums and wildflowers were planted that can grow in the local climate without irrigation including 12 sedum species plus Nodding Wild Onion, Poverty Grass, Wild Columbine, Hairy Beardtongue, and Cylindrical Blazing-star. Plantings were designed in drifts that echo the curved facade of the hotel.

An expanded shale /limestone based growing medium was placed over a rigid, 1″ thick, HDPE drainage and water retention panel (Green Innovations). The growing medium is placed at variable depths (1-4 inches) to match the drifts of various plants. The roofing system is a long-lasting Tremco TRA membrane, and a 4″ layer of rigid insulation (DOW Roofmate) protectes the membrane from the green roof system in addition to a 40 mil HDPE root barrier.


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