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Read the 6.29.07 “It’s alive! And it insulates your home and reduces water runoff” from the
Wilton Villager, by Edward M. Eveld here. Learn about Elevated Landscape Technologies in The Greenroof Directory here, and more about Lambson Design at

According to the Wilton Villager, 2007, see below: “Michelle Lambson, the designer of the Dawsons’ sunroom addition, discovered a lightweight system created by a company in Toronto that could be used on the new sunroom and on the roof of their existing side porch. She thinks the roof, which was installed in May (2007), is the first of its kind in Kansas City.”

“The sunroom and porch roofs [10 by 21 and 10 by 18] are rubber membrane rather than composite shingles. The green panels are glued and bracketed to the membrane.” About the Elevated Landscape Technologies (Toronto, Canada) greenroof panel system: “Each pre-grown panel is about 3 feet by 3 feet and weighs about 75 pounds. The base is a form with cone-shaped dimples. A mat of polyester and hemp is pressed into the base. Atop the mat is a thin layer of organic matter and gravel, where the sedum grows. The panels are planted with five types of short sedum, which can tolerate the severe heat and sun conditions on many roofs. The growth retracts when conditions become harsh and rebound as conditions improve. The price for the Dawsons’ project was about $5,000. Having the panels shipped from Toronto was costly. Lambson said locally produced roof panels would be cheaper and easier on the environment, but they aren’t available ? yet.”


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