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The idea of creating a green roof over the parking level came when the original roof area had to be renewed due to leaking waterproofing. The intended concept consisted of a City Wood with paths. Because of insufficient static load reserves, this concept finally became a park landscape with ornamental cherry trees in large planters. In this way, the necessary root space could be created, while keeping the build-up material connection heights low. Initially, the old protective concrete had to be removed and Floradrain? FD 60 elements formed the foundation for the tree planters as well as for the paths and roadways.

Special Features: Under the planters as well as under the roadways, a continuous drainage with Floradrain? FD 60 was installed. In the areas where the conection heights were very low, Elastodrain EL 200 could be used. As a result, a continuous drainage now ensures the water discharge under the superstructures – independent of the outlet locations.Upper Left – The ZinCo System Build-up – Roadway:Bitumen base course / road surfacing;Concrete sub-base, reinforced;Floradrain? FD 60;Isolation and Protection Mat ISM 50;Roof construction with rootproof waterproofing.


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