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The Mosholu Golf Course is located at Van Cortlandt Park, 3701 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY. See the Design Award Recipients 2008, Croton Water Treatment Plant” write up, where you can also see the long list of designers and contributors. Read the case study from Great Ecology here and Atelier Ten here.

Currently under construction amid years of delay and controversy, the Croton Water Treatment Plant (Mosholu Golf Course) will be a $3 billion+ state-of-the-art water treatment facility that will filter a significant portion of New York City’s drinking water from upstate reservoirs. Designed by Grimshaw Architects, Ken Smith Landscape Architects and many other collaborators including Rana Creek Living Architecture, when completed it will be the largest living roof in New York, measuring over 9 acres. The roof will be used as a driving range, and a clubhouse and filtration pools will create a security barrier. The filtration plant is now scheduled to be completed in 2015.

“To ensure the continued viability of the Croton, the city’s smallest and oldest water supply system, DEP is constructing a filtration plant beneath the driving range of the Mosholu Golf Course. The restored driving range, when completed, will be the largest continuous intensive green roof in North America. The design also calls for a clubhouse facility; water features; and significant landscaping, utilizing native species and locally-sourced materials in order to replicate many habitats found throughout the Bronx, (NYC Design Commission, 2008).

“The Croton Water Treatment Plant is the largest infrastructure project for the City of New York, processing a third of NYC’s drinking water. The building is nine acres wide, and sinks 12 stories into the earth. Although this is a massive building, the only thing that will be visible from the outside is the largest continuous living roof in North America. It will be entirely surrounded by a wetland stormwater and groundwater management system designed by Great Ecology as part of the Grimshaw Architects team.

“The living roof, also functioning as a driving range for the Mosholu Golf Course, draws inspiration from the native habitats found in adjacent Van Cortland Park. The surrounding wetland was designed to mimic naturally occurring water features, such as rocky streams, marshes, and open water ponds. Great Ecology, along with the rest of the team (led by Grimshaw), received the coveted and prestigious Design Award of Excellence in 2008,” (Great Ecology website, see blow).


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