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Additional Resources

Visit the homepage of the Cornell University ? Plant Science Building here. Contact information for the Department: Department of Horticulture, 134A Plant Science Bldg, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 USA; Phone: 607-255-4568/1789; Fax: 607-255-9998/0599; Email: Learn about Motherplants in The Greenroof Directory here and contact them for further project info.

“In addition to housing the main administrative functions of the (Horticulture) Department, the Plant Science Building has classrooms, laboratories specifically equipped for investigations of plant growth regulators, stress physiology, postharvest physiology, conventional and micropropagation (tissue culture), mycorrhizal symbiosis, nutrition (foliar and soil analysis), and other physiological and anatomical studies.

“Attached to the south side of the building are a state-of-the-art greenhouse complex and a conservatory. A tunnel will connect the building to the new life sciences building under construction on the south side of Tower Road. There is also a bridge on the 3rd Floor connecting Plant Science with the Emerson/Bradfield building complex,” (Plant Science Building webpage, see below).

GreenGrid modules with 4″ of growing media hold a variety of sedums, measuring approximately 1,000 square feet of greenroof.


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