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Read “UVM Celebrates Residence Hall Complex Opening from UVM News, by Jeffrey R. Wakefield of September 27, 2006.

The Consortium for Ecological Living Green Roof Demonstration Project was first envisioned as a dynamic, living green roof exhiibit embodying variety in style, use and purpose to engage studens and the campus community in educational opportunities. Students can interact with the display directly, using five 6 sf green roof modules for research and exeriments or learn from the design process inherent in their construction.The experiences of the project and results are directly transferrable, providing a design guide for green roofs on campus at the University of Vermont. The CEL project affects change on campus by generating excitement and support for green roof research, design and implementation on existing and future UVM buildings. The demonstration project is a key part in advancing UVM to realize its potential to create leaders in the field of green roof technology.

The CEL Green Roof Demonstration Project highlights variety in function, stucture and design of green roof systems by creating a five-module display including a “control”/conventional roof module; a green roof made from a pre-vegetated green roof mat; a module containing an intensive green roof section; an extensive green roof module; and, a sod roof module. These modules are avalable for observation and study to interested students and sited on a visible roof on campus, although they can be easily transported into classrooms or other campus settings for display. The 2-foot by 3-foot modules are designed with one side formed from plexiglass, providing visibility into the structure and the other three sides from salvaged lumber. A small drain spout provides control of drainage so that measurements may be taken concerning rainfall and runoff from the roofs. Module Size: 2′ x 3′ Module materials: Salvaged lumber; 1 Green Grid Module (extensive roof) Waterproofing material: Firestone EPDM waterproofing membraneDrainage: EnkaDrain 3615R (Colbond Incorporated)Substrate: (extensive) Northeast Solite’s 3/8th inch gradation expanded shaleSubstrate: (intensive) Custom blend of Perlite, Vermiculite and CompostPlants: (extensive) Sedum variety from Emory Knoll FarmPlants: (intensive) Blueberry, Juniper and Wintercreeper shrubs


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