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According to the City’s website, you can get a view of the whole roof from the top floor of the Market Street Car Garage. The property is located at 603 East Market Street, Charlottesville, VA; visit the City’s website at:, specific project info at:

Download the Capitol Greenroofs project profile.

“The roofs of the Charlottesville City Hall and Police buildings on the Downtime Mall have been replaced with extensive green roofs. The total vegetated area is 9,250 sq ft – with a total of 18,540 plants distributed across this area. This entailed using 2,312 cubic feet of soil – enough to cover the entire green roof to a depth of 3 inches,” (City of Charlottsville).

The City of Charlottesville City Hall/Police Building greenroof was installed on May 19, 2008. Plant Material used were 3″ deep plugs of various sedums and succulents. A cross-section of the roofing assembly that was specified by CGR is seen at right below. An 80 mil. Sure Weld TPO membrane was adhered directly to a ceramic masonry board. The vegetated coverings consisted of a 15 oz. protection mat, a 1″ drainage board, a moisture retention mat, 3″ of growing media and approximately 18,000 plants.

The plants will take a while to become fully established, but immediately the roof will help reduce storm water runoff and help to reduce cooling costs within the building for the summer months. The system was designed to absorb the first 1″ of rainfall and is estimated that it will reduce HVAC costs by around 3-4% per year. An irrigation system was installed and soil moisture sensors put in place to turn the system on during drought periods.


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