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For additional info on this project, contact Dawn Easterday, ASLA at 808.521.5361.

Belt Collins was hired as the landscape architect for the Chateau Pinnacle, a new high-rise residential community in Shanghai, China. We created the concept and design for more than three acres of roof gardens that seamlessly cover parking garages and the clubhouse below, while blending in with the adjacent landscape. The purpose of the roof gardens was to provide a park-like amenity for the residents and their guests. The gardens and water features provide a scenic view from above while providing strolling and gathering opportunities when exploring the garden level. Belt Collins Hawaii is an international design company providing landscape architecture, civil engineering, planning and environmental consulting services.

The design and profile of this intensive green roof was entirely customized. The challenge was to disguise the multi-level buildings under the gardens, while supporting full-size trees and providing sufficient growing media and drainage. The design was meant to channel a classical European form, while using media well-suited for the temperate climate of Shanghai. Actual construction work took several months for this large project to be completed.


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