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For more information please contact Living Roofs, Inc. ( and visit the website at Read about the following providers in The Greenroof Directory: Emory Knoll Farms/Green Roof Plants; and Carolina Stalite Company.

This 5,000 square foot residence, providing the setting for work, daily living and play, explores a full range of ?green,? sustainable technologies, including: geothermal HVAC, foam-in-place insulation, windows constructed of reclaimed cypress, vegetated roof, rain-screen wall construction, cistern for storm-water collection and landscape watering, efficient lighting, water-saving plumbing, and segregating functions that allow portions of the house to be closed off when only partially occupied. The four-bedroom house compound includes combination living/kitchen areas, dining/library, master bedroom/home office and a 2-bedroom guest wing. Opportunities to expand life into the outdoors include screen porch, second floor terraces, and a deck level pool.

The home features an extensive green roof (4 inch soil) above the guest/pool house, visible and accessible from the master bedroom. An Epay wood deck surrounds the green roof allowing the homeowners to walk completely around it and use the space as a rooftop terrace. The green roof was planted with drought tolerant species of Allium, Euphorbia, Talinum, Sedum, and Delosperma. This is the first residential green roof in Charleston, SC.


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