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Visit the Centro de Educaci?n Ambiental Yautlica (Yautlica Environmental Education Center) website, in Spanish. For more information regarding this project, contact Tanya Garcia M?ller, President of AMENA (Asociaci?n Mexicana para la Naturaci?n de Azoteas) at: or visit their website.

The Yautlica Environmental Education Center encompasses an area of 46.7 hectares and offers interactive tours with a thematic focus for pupils of all levels, with tours of the center’s facilities, 24-hour camping, and various educational workshops, courses and conferences on the environment. Yautlica is located in the Sierra de Santa Catarina, an area of environmental concern since the groundwater recharge area is a natural barrier to southen winds that have a high content of dissolved particles, which presents an ecological protection zone, with important plant and animal species which must be preserved. It was declared an ecological conservation area in 1994.

The Yautlica Environmental Education Center greenroof encompasses 105,434 Crassulaceae from the Sedum genus. This success of this Environmental Education Center is owed to the Secretary of the Environment from the Federal District Government of Mexico (GDF), pictured above. The project was also funded by the Secretary of the Environment.


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