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Additional Resources

Centene Plaza is located at 7700 Forsyth Avenue, Clayton, MO 63105. Visit the Centene Plaza website here, and see the Centene Plaza Koman Group project profile here. Learn about Green Paks in The Greenroof Directory and Green Roof Blocks here. For more info, please visit their website.

“Centene Plaza is a 17 story mixed-use Class A office development with ground floor retail centrally located on one of the most prestigious corners in Clayton, Missouri. As a national healthcare provider, Centene and the Developers commitment to sustainability and healthy living drove their desire to construct a high performance LEED-CI Gold Certified (pending) facility.

“Installation of over 21,000 square feet of green roof enabled the project to drastically reduce the size of the stormwater detention vaults (and minimize impact on the area?s storm sewer infrastructure), reduce the building?s heat-island effect, prolong the life of the roof and extend natural habitat for migrating wildlife,” (

Scheduled for initial installation in mid November, 2009 by Green Roof Blocks, the project includes 5,000 Green Paks (at 21250 sf) as well as 3,600 sf of conventional built in place greenroof. The Green Roof Blocks were positioned at that time, and planting took place the following spring of 2010.


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