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Canal Park is located at 200 M Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.


Case Studies

OLIN; STUDIOS Architecture; Capitol Riverfront; SITES; ARCHITECT; Ruppert Landscape.

One of the first parks built as part of the District of Columbia’s Anacostia Waterfront Initiative, Canal Park is a model of sustainability, attaining both SITES and LEED Gold certifications, and establishing itself as a social gathering place and an economic trigger. Located on three acres of what was recently relegated as a parking lot for district school buses, this three-block long park is sited along the historic former Washington Canal system.

Inspired by the site’s waterfront heritage, OLIN’s design evokes the history of the space with a linear rain garden and three pavilions reminiscent of floating barges that were once common in the canal.

Through a close collaboration with OLIN, STUDIOS Architecture designed a 9,000-square foot pavilion to host a cafe and dining area as well as utilities that support the park and ice rink. Approximately 150-200 square feet each, a second pavilion serves as a stage in the middle of the park, while a third offers storage for park amenities. Custom David Hess sculptures are located on each of the city blocks.

Canal Park is a model of sustainability, exploring the creative, cutting‑edge of energy efficiency and stormwater management while reducing the park’s overall energy consumption by 37%.

Sustainable features include:

  • Full Cut‑Off Site Lighting
  • Street tabled to slow car movement
  • Native and adapted vegetation
  • Shading with vegetation
  • Vehicle battery charging
  • Light‑colored landscape
  • Rain garden for rainwater runoff storage and treatment (first flush)
  • Stormwater collected from site runoff / adjacent parcel
  • Stormwater storage tank for irrigation use
  • Green roof for high‑performing envelope
  • Sustainable black locust wood
  • Recycling / compost collection
  • Recycled content in precast and super‑structure
  • Operable windows for natural ventilation

~ STUDIOS Architecture


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