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Additional Resources

Visit Brit’s Pub website. For more info on Brit’s Pub, contact Gene Purdy, Managing Partner at: 612.987.9314, and regarding photos not attributed to Linda Velazquez, contact Green Superintendent Jim Handtman at: 612.965.9627.

Brit’s English Garden Pub is a manicured rooftop lawn bowling facility is attached to an Irish Pub in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The elevated lawn bowling green, garden park, and plaza has 10920 square feet of green space plus 5720 square feet plaza area.

The intensive greenroof is used for lawn bowling leagues, and is free to public concerts, film festivals, and live theatre-in-the-park. The growing media is 12″ deep; the drainage consists of 6″ of pea gravel; and maintenance includes daily cutting, using an in-grown automated Toro sprinkler system, and winter mats.

The project has an estimated cost of $1,300,000. Brit’s Pub is open to the public daily.


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