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See the “Extensive Green Roof Pitched Roof Details Layout” PDF from ICB Ltd. here. Read the article “Traditional beach huts to pull in the tourists at Blyth” by Chris Knox of March 13, 2009 here. See a short BBC Video Report on the Blyth Beach Huts here. Visit ICB Ltd. at:

In 2008, Blyth Valley Borough Council appointed Newcastle-based architecture firm Ian Darby Partnership (IDP) to develop a redevelopment attraction at the Blyth Beach promenade to benefit the local community as well as attract more tourists to the area. The 20 traditional beach huts measure 2.5 by 3.5 metres and feature 12.5 m2 greenroofs each, as well as their own wind turbines and are capable of generating enough energy to run the lights and electricity supply.The scheme is part of Blyth Valley Borough Council?s multi-million- pound regeneration scheme for the Links area of Blyth which has transformed the southern gateway entrance into the town. The huts received funding from regional development agency One North East and Northumberland Strategic Partnership.

The roof was construction in a cold roof design. Alwitra Evalon V waterproofing single ply membrane was installed over the timber deck. The green roof build-up consisted of Diadem products. The VLU-300 protection fleece was loose laid first, second, the Diadrain 25 reservoir layer loose laid, third was the VLF-150 protection fleece, loose laid, a further erosion protection layer, the geo-cell was installed, inside this layer 40mm of extensive gowing medium was laid, a jute netting was fitted over the geo-cell. Finally a salt-water tolerant sedum blanket was installed over the netting. Some jute netting was used on the sides and apex as wind uplift is greatest in these areas. An Alwitra gravel board was also installed for system retention. The entire system was supplied by ICB Ltd.


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