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The BioPared Private Residence design is from the company’s own design office: Ecotono Urbano, while the installation and maintenance is serviced by Biozotea, a 100% Mexican green roofs and living walls company. For more information about this project, please contact Oswaldo Zurita: or Also, see the profile here:, and visit the following websites:;; and

This living wall is located in a private residence in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. The vanguard house design is almost minimalistic, while the garden, which is seen from the social areas of the house, is plain horizontally and quite exuberant vertically. The design of the green wall was defined by the design of the furniture of the house, with diagonal lines and different angles. The aim of this green wall was to create a very impressive visual set up as the background.

Measuring 4 meters high by 65 meters long, the BioPared green wall was installed during the hottest summer in the last 25 years in this city. This was a very difficult situation, especially for the vegetation, as temperatures were up to 110?F (43?C) during the days of installation. However, this helped plants to establish better from the beginning.

The vegetation was planted on-site, so plants could adapt easier, even though they were grown 5 miles from the site. Eight species were selected by the designers so the form was easier to keep with low maintenance. More than 8,000 plants were used. The green wall was created with the 100% Mexican brand BioPared, using a modular system manufactured in Monterrey from recycled post-industrial HDPE.

At present (October, 2010), this BioPared is the largest vertical garden in Monterrey. The design is by Ecotono Urbano, a Landscape and Urbanism firm from Monterrey. An important statement was made by this project about sustainability, as all materials, plants and labor are local (50 km radius from the installation site).


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