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To learn more about this project, please contact: Dawn Easterday, ASLA, at 808.521.5361.

Belt Collins Hawaii is an international design company providing landscape architecture, civil engineering, planning and environmental consulting services. As a leader in innovative design solutions, Belt Collins conducted a research experiment to learn more about the locally available media mixes best-suited for green roof growing in Hawaii. Completed in September 2007, the experiment in cooperation with University of Hawaii Manoa Campus was designed to test three media mixes in extensive green roof trays on top the Belt Collins Center. The Center is a three-story building located on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii. The experiment serves as research for landscape architects.

Details of the system are pending research publication. Media depth varied from 2? to 4? planted with two species of Sedum. Live Roof ? Trays were used to separate media types and Rainbird provided the irrigation.


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