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See the project in the Minneapolis Green Roof Council’s Green Roof Database here. For more info on this project, contact:

Expected to be completed in 2009, the goals for the Bell Museum of Natural History site master planning, designed by The Kestrel Design Group, Inc., include creating a museum that will:

? Integrate outdoor and indoor experiences
? Connect people and cultures to Minnesota?s diverse ecological biomes
? Combine learning styles of art, science, and nature centers
? Encourage discovery and repeat visitation
? Demonstrate sustainable, eco-friendly and high performance design

The green roof will provide an example of a Minnesota bedrock bluff prairie community and help maximize the above goals.

The Bell Museum of Natural History expects to provide the following benefits: education; outdoor museum space; reduced building energy; stormwater benefits;
extended roof lifespan.

The plant list inlcudes locally native Bedrock Bluff prairie plants in a varied depth growing medium.


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