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For additional info, please contact Stephan Brenneisen, Dr. phil Geograph, Hochschule Waedenswil Fachbereich Naturmanagement FACHSTELLE DACHBEGRUENUNG, Gruental, Postfach 335, CH- 8820 Waedenswil, Tel: ++41(0)1 789 99 29, Fax: ++41 (0)1 789 99 40, email:; or Nathalie Baumann, Dipl. BioGeografin, email:

The largest of six extensive greenroofs on the Main Exhibition Hall (Messehalle Basel), the 8,000 m? roof consists of low growing sedum species, flowering herbs and forbs. The building sports a huge array of integrated solar panels, and the Convention Center sells electricity to the City of Basel. This building boasts the largest greenroof in Switzerland.


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