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Atlantic Wharf is located at 280 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210; see their website page about the building’s Sustainability features. See the profiles from CBT Architects and Halvorson Design Partnership. Read Harvesting Rain at Atlantic Wharf by Boston properties and the October 31, 2011 Atlantic Wharf integrates modern architecture in a sustainable and harmonious way from Atlantic Wharf (Russia Wharf) is featured in the month of June in the 2013 Greenroofs & Walls of the World? Calendar.

Learn about GreenGrid in the Greenroof Directory.

Formerly known as Russia Wharf, Atlantic Wharf is a $270 million mixed-use development and is the first LEED Platinum skyscraper in Boston. The 31-story building includes a 750,000-square-foot office tower, 70 residential units, several restaurants, and a waterfront plaza. “The new development sits on a platform of restored and renovated historic structures. The preservation of the historic 1899 Peabody & Stearns Russia Building and the existing facades of the other wharf buildings is an essential component to the project,” (, 2011).

Sustainable features include:

? Atlantic Wharf is designed to use 33% less energy than comparable downtown office towers and 42% less energy than a typical existing office in New England.
– 32% better thermal properties of roof saves heating and cooling energy.
– ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Roof: U-value of 0.063
– Atlantic Wharf Roof: U-value of 0.043

? Atlantic Wharf is designed to use 69% less domestic water in the office tower compared to a typical downtown tower.

? The construction of Atlantic Wharf utilized building materials manufactured from recycled products.

Boston Properties wanted to capture the rain on site, clean it, retain it and then utilize it in their building systems. Here is how the Rain Water Harvest System works:

? Rainwater is collected on the roof at 71 drainage points or retained by the green part of the roof.

? From the collection points, the water is carried through a pipeline system totaling over a half mile to a water tank that can store 40,000 gallons.

? The water is cleaned of environmental pollutants through an automatic filtration system.

? The filtered water is pumped to the building?s cooling tower system. From the roof, the water is chilled, and then pumped to on-floor air handlers.

The eighth floor 8,466 GreenGrid greenroof is part of the huge water harvesting plan. “We expect Atlantic Wharf?s green roof and harvesting the rainwater, along with water efficient fixtures inside the building to save over 12.5 million gallons of water per year?equivalent to 19 Olympic swimming pools,” (Boston Properties).


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