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See the Ashbury College Green Roof project profile from Godfrey Roofing. Read the following articles from Godfrey Roofing: Green Roofs With A Mission by Edythe Falconer and Green Roof Growing Media Distribution – Ashbury College, Ottawa Ontario. For additional information on the Ashbury College Green Roof, please contact Godfrey Roofing Inc. at: 613.822.7663 or

Asbury College is a leading independent school for boys and girls, grade 4-12 located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. This 4000 sq ft extensive green roof project is one of Canada’s first green roof outdoor classrooms and is maintained by the students.

The building was reinforced structurally to allow for the added weight of the green roof. The roof was a high quality modified bitumen roof system with traditional green roofing layers above. 20 bags of soil media, a total of 58,399 lbs was raised to the green roof area over 150 feet away by crane. Each bag was dispersed into the appropriate quadrant on the roof and evenly spread. After the green roof was complete the finishing carpentry work was done.


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