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For more information about Aquascape, its products, or programs, log on to: or call 866.877.6637 (US) or 866.766.3426 (CAN). See the complete Case Study at the Carlisle SynTec Incorporated website.

?Aqualand,? the corporate office of Aquascape, Inc. Headquarters, is currently (in 2007) the world?s largest sloping green roof, at 240,000 square feet. The grand opening celebration was held on January 14, 2005, themed ?Aqualand ? Living the Dream,? was the culmination of owner Greg Wittstock?s 10-year dream of creating a workplace utopia. Aqualand recently received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification. Aqualand is a 256,000 square foot facility featuring office and warehouse space. Aqualand is made with sustainable materials, which played a big part in the LEED rating system. Among the other sustainable building products are energy efficient HVAC systems, water conserving plumbing fixtures, recycled steel building frame, etc.

One of the building?s best features is the 256,000 square-foot, steeply sloped greenroof (1:12), a virtual prairie meadow in the sky, which will help to cool and insulate the building and, most importantly, manage storm water runoff. The Carlisle SynTec Incorporated case study (see link below) states, “…The entire roof system was installed in two phases. To start, Olsson Roofing installed a Carlisle Fully- Adhered Roofing System that incorporated a 75-mil Sure-Tough EPDM membrane. Chosen for its highly durable, puncture resistant qualities, Sure-Tough membrane is also easy to install over irregular substrates as in the case of the Aquascape building.

“Following the application of the membrane and insulation assembly, the second phase commenced with the installation of the following roof garden components: protection fabric, drainage course, and moisture retention fabric. The shallow roof garden system consists of a four-inch deep ngineered soil base. This system also incorporates a grid watering system that is buried under the soil media to support the plant growth that includes sedum and low growing vegetation.”


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