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For additional information about the Amarey Nova Medical, contact or +57-1-703 0955.

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Completed in April 2012, Amarey Nova Medical built this green roof with the idea of having a pleasant space for their patients where they can be more in contact with nature. As you can see, this project is in a very dense urban area, close to the intersection of two highways, so it was ideal to compensate the toughness of the city with some nature. The 220 m2 project uses a variety of plants, 5 ornamental + 15 CAM Type, that not only gives the green roof a pleasant aspect but results in low maintenance as well. The green area covers most of the rooftop, but it also has paths that create a park-like experience for the users.

The project has a Sika-Sarnafil PVC membrane as waterproofing as well as a Sika T20 drainage layer. The growing medium was designed and custom made for Groncol by a local agronomist.


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