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Additional Resources

See the case study from Catholic Cemetaries, Archdiocese of Chicago; architect MekusTanager; and the profile from Gage Consulting Engineers here. Learn about GreenGrid in the Greenroof Directory.

The All Saints Chapel and Administrative Complex is a Catholic Cemetery Chapel / Administration Complex for the Archdiocese of Chicago. “This new chapel, developed for the Archdiocese of Chicago, was designed to be a LEED-certified building. Upon completion of construction, the building was granted certification by the US Green Building Council.

“The facility houses two worshiping areas, staff offices and maintenance workshops. Architectural energy saving features of the building includes a green roof, highly efficient glass and recycled building materials.

“Engineering energy saving features include point-of-use water heaters, highly efficient plumbing fixtures, demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) and occupancy-sensitive lighting controls,” (Gage Consulting Engineers, see below).


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