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Additional Resources

Visit the Alcoa Environment Eco Alcoa page here and read the write up on their “Green Roofs Reduce Volume, Cost of Stormwater Discharge” page of 2004 here.

A commercial prototype greenroof was constructed for Alcoa by Roofscapes in 2002 with both 3″ and 4″ deep growing profiles. The project sought to demonstrate greenroof installation methods that are appropriate for large-scale industrial and/or commercial buildings. Two roofs covering 4,800 sf sport both the Roofscapes Type I: Flower Carpet and Type III: Savannah green roofs.”An Alcoa-sponsored analysis of green roof applications worldwide conducted by an interdisciplinary team from the University of Michigan concluded these roofs can minimize runoff and associated storm-water discharge issues and thus make a useful contribution to Alcoa?s overall goals for eliminating waste. Alcoa initiated the study as part of an effort to meet its goal of ?near zero? storm-water discharge by 2015?a goal driven by a belief that water availability and water quality will be issues of growing concern throughout the world.

“Alcoa has developed a green roof decision tool to assist in assessing the economic costs and benefits associated with the installation of a green roof on a given facility. In addition, the company installed a 446-square-meter (4,800-square-foot) green roof on the Alcoa Technical Center near Pittsburgh to study the benefits of green roofs and gain experience in the technology. Lessons from this and other future pilot green roofs in differing climates will be used with the green roof decision tool to assist facilities with their storm-water management challenges that include regulatory compliance, cost reductions, and sustainability goals.”In addition to researching the potential environmental benefits of green roofs, Alcoa is exploring opportunities to enhance current products and develop innovative aluminum products for green roof applications,” (Alcoa website, see below).


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