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For more information on the Akbank Konferans ve Yasam Merkezi (Akbank Academy Social Center), contact Ersel Elbasioglu of Net Yapi:

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Case Studies

TeCe Architects; XXI,

The Akbank Academy Social Center offers many enjoyable, greened areas for employees, both on structure and on greenroofs. The project commenced in 2017 and was completed in 2019. The above photos are credited to Emrah Altınok and Faruk Uyan.

The total green roof area is approximately 7,500 m2 and this is the breakdown between the three different types of Net Yapi green roof drainage board systems: MaxiDrain 25 Extensive Green Roof: 3,200 m2; MaxiDrain 40 Semi Intensive Green Roof: 3,700 m 2; and MaxiDrain 60 Intensive Green Roof: 550 m2. Also, Net Yapi is the Manufacturer/Supplier of these 4 layers: Green Roof Root Barrier, Water Retention/Protection Non Woven Geotextile, and Filter Fleece, in addition to the Inspection Chambers and Aluminum Edge Restraints.

From TeCe Architects:

AKBANK Academy Social Center is a building complex that does not try to be a building, on the contrary, it hides its busy schedule in the landscape and multiplies the active green area in need. Located on the Akbank Şekerpınar Campus, the building includes a mixed activity program that integrates the existing Akbank Academy building and the Data Center building.

The programme is handled in such a way to make office work more attractive in a campus of 2800 people and also to improve the quality of life of its employees. The center houses mixed-use of activities such as sports, culture, recreation and mini market, which are difficult to meet in the immediate environment.

The majority of the programme is concealed underground. The indoor areas consist of a conference center, seminar halls, a bazaar, a fitness center, a cafeteria, social recreation areas and an underground car park for 350 cars.

The park, which integrates all activities on campus, is an element that enriches the intense interactive and social life with its green area spreading over 17.000 m2 open area. It includes outdoor sports venues, hobby gardens and an outdoor amphitheatre. The fitness center, conference and exhibition halls, common meeting places, mini bazaar and cafeteria volumes are hidden under a green plateau which is raised slightly from the natural ground.

Despite the intense program of the Akbank Academy Social Center building, every space has been provided with natural daylight.


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