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The Aetna Corporate Headquarters is located at 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT. See their Corporate Sustainability page here. Learn about GreenGrid in the Greenroof Directory.

Aetna offers a broad range of traditional and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services, including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disability plans, and medical management capabilities and health care management services for Medicaid plans.

In 2006, Aetna launched a multi-year construction project to upgrade the Hartford, CT, campus, which includes a 1931 Georgian Revival building and a 1972 addition called the Atrium Building. Essentially completed in early 2010, the project has enabled Aetna to make important new strides in environmental leadership.

Aetna installed a 3,040 sf intensive GreenGrid roof garden in 2009. They generate some of their own power with 240 solar panels on the south face of the Atrium Building and an additional 735 panels on the roof. The system produces an estimated 237,789 kilowatt hours of power each year.

“A few notable highlights of the project include:

– The cafeteria and kitchen facilities have been replaced with new, more energy-efficient equipment, and more environmentally friendly food-serving practices have been implemented.
– The complete renovation of the Atrium Building was a certified ?green? project. We are seeking prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED?) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for the project, which featured extensive use of renewable materials, energy-saving electrical devices and infrastructure designed to reduce water use.
– We replaced 1,169 wooden windows in the original building with new, more energy-efficient windows that are helping to reduce our energy consumption.
– We are growing plants in the roof top courtyard outside the Education Center to help reduce heat load and energy consumption.
– The demolition of our 1.3 million-square-foot facility in Middletown, CT this year prompted a massive, new recycling effort. From the building, we so far have recycled 2,572 tons of steel, 444 tons of ceiling tiles, 656 pallets of carpeting, and approximately 50,000 light bulbs,” (Aetna, see below).


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