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The ABC Supply Company Headquarters project was planned as a ?showcase green roof? to demonstrate the design possibilities offered by the GreenGrid? system. Both intensive and extensive GreenGrid? modules were installed on the north and south roof portions of ABC?s corporate headquarters. The north garden was designed as the ?show? garden and the south designed as both a show and research green roof. The research area is used to experiment with the hardiness tolerances of potential rooftop plant species; to quantify the insulating characteristics and stormwater management features that the GreenGrid? modules provide; and to test other potential system components.

Installation of this GreenGrid? system occurred in two separate events. The north side of the building was installed in June 2001 and was completed in five days. This rooftop garden consisted of both intensive and extensive GreenGrid? modules, GreenGrid? pavers, custom tree planters, and several levels of tiering for added height. In total, the north side green roof consisted of 256 GreenGrid? 8 in. and 91 GreenGrid? 4 in. modules, seven custom tree planters, and 275 GreenGrid? pavers. The north rooftop garden was designed as a flowing garden through four rooms. Each room displays a variety of planting schemes with different planting patterns using species that have striking four-season ornamental characteristics.The south side green roof of the building was installed in August 2001 and was completed in four days. Similar to the north side, this green roof consisted of both intensive and extensive GreenGrid? modules and GreenGrid? pavers. In addition to the modules, an 8 ft. by 8 ft. evaporation pond with a fountain was installed to demonstrate the additional options that the GreenGrid? system offers. In total, the south side?s ?show? portion of the green roof consisted of 136 GreenGrid? 8 in. and 37 GreenGrid? 4 in. modules and in the research portion, 54 GreenGrid? 8 in. and 162 GreenGrid? 4 in. modules were installed.Installation of the GreenGrid? system at ABC Supply?s corporate headquarters gave ABC the opportunity to turn undeveloped and unattractive roof space into useable and striking gardens. The rooftop gardens are enjoyed daily by the employees of ABC Supply for informal meetings and lunch-time activities. The ongoing research capacity provided by the green roof will aid in offering all clients proven rooftop plant selections, concrete energy savings data, and stormwater retention data.


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