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The Louisville Metro Housing Authority is located at 801 Vine Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40204-2088; 502.569.6060; visit their website. Read the September 20, 2010 Metro Housing Authority installing ?green? roof by Kevin Eigelbach in Business First. Learn about American Hydrotech in The Greenroof Directory. For more information about the 801 Vine St Metro Housing project, contact Alex Fransen of Steele Blades Lawn & Landscape Services at 502.231.8684;; or visit

In order to help validate implementation of green infrastructure practices for stormwater control and sewer overflow reduction in Louisville, the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) committed to building green infrastructure demonstration projects at various sites around Louisville?s combined sewer system, including the Louisville Metro Housing Authority at 801 Vine St.

One half of the building is used for the authority?s Section 8 housing offices, and the other half is used by Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Police Department. The 801 Vine St Metro Housing greenroof has both an intensive and extensive greenroof system by American Hydrotech, installed by Steele Blades Lawn & Landscape Services in October, 2010.

According to Louisville Metro Housing Authority Director Tim Barry, “the project is costing the authority $435,000, and Louisville-Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District is contributing $60,000 to the project,” (Business First, 2010).


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