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Additional Resources

For more information about these organizations, please visit their websites: Sustainable South Bronx and SmartRoofs, LLC; see many project installation photos here. Learn about Green Roof Service in The Greenroof Directory.

Sustainable South Bronx has charted another first for NYC: bringing green roofing to the most ubiquitous of City buildings, the single lot residential brownstone. Working with our good friends at Green Roof Service, LLC, our subsidiary SmartRoofs, LLC, employs graduates of our Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training program to bring jobs and environmental equity to the nation’s poorest congressional district.Day one of planting took place on October 5, 2007, installed and maintained by well-trained members of the local community.

SmartRoofs, LLC says, “Depending on the site conditions, we use various methods to get the goods up top. Often times a crane or blower is used – at great expense. Especially when dealing with roofs under 2500 square feet, it is cheaper, easier, and produces more jobs when we use this simple ladder hoist-winch system.” See the thumbnail photos below and visit their website.


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