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Haydite - DiGeronimo Aggregates
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Independence, OH 44131 USA
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Haydite's soil amendment for roof top gardens is an expanded shale lightweight aggregate. Haydite is manufactured in a rotary kiln like other aggregates such as expanded clay or slate. Haydite is an unique amendment for roof gardens since it provides excellent porosity and good water holding capacity. Haydite also provides an insulation effect for roof top soils to help reduce the temperature extremes during the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

Haydite is manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio and can be economically shipped to many metropolitan areas of the East, Midwest, and Canada where roof top gardens are becoming more popular. Haydite is manufactured in different particle size ranges to accommodate both intensive and extensive roof garden installations. Customized blends are available upon special request. DiGeronimo Aggregates also has engineering and horticulture specialists on staff to assist with roof top projects and applications.

Haydite has been used in many high profile projects. Below are a few:

Denison University Parking Garage/Commons - Granville, OH
Boston World Trade Center - Boston, MA
Indianapolis Art Museum -Indianapolis, IN
Chicago Zoo Ape House - Chicago, IL
Private apartment buildings in Chicago, IL and Columbus, OH

Please contact DiGeronimo Aggregates at 888-593-0395 for additional product information. The associates at Haydite are ready to assist you on your next roof top project. Good Luck!

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