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Enkadrain® is the most widely used drainage component for green roofs around the world. Produced in the US by Bonar (formerly Colbond), Enka® drainage, root reinforcement (Enkamat®) and geosynthetic products are used extensively by the fastest growing leaders in green roof technology in North America and Europe.

  • Architects choose Enkadrain® first for quality and unmatched performance.

  • Enkadrain® eliminates the need for aggregate, reducing cost and weight.

  • Recycled polypropylene contributes to LEED points.

  • The 95% open, entangled filament design provides multi-directional, predictable flow rates and does not allow water to be trapped.

  • The open air profile provides better insulation and allows the roots to breathe.

  • The flexible mat lays flat and is safe and easy to install with overlapping fabric flaps.

  • The nonwoven filter fabric bonded to the filaments protects the waterproofing membrane from overload and rock penetration and is available on one or both sides.

The Enka®Solutions family now includes two specially developed Enkadrain® products for green roofs: Enkadrain®W, a thin, white drain with equal drainage capacity and Enka®Retain & Drain – a thermally bonded recycled fleece layer developed specifically for retaining moisture for plants, while the mat provides the same reliable drain benefits. This innovative product is chosen by designers, contractors and growers in all climates.

Enka®Solutions drains are included in many of the most innovative and prestigious installations anywhere, including the Vancouver Convention Center, Millennium Park, Chicago, IL and Music City Center in Nashville, TN.

When you design with Enkadrain®, you build with confidence.

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