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Naturcycle, LLC
P.O. Box 97
Plainville, NY 13137 USA
Contact Charles Duprey
Phone 315-707-8955


Naturcycle, LLC is a firm focused on producing the highest quality green roof media while providing the best customer service in the industry. We offer the testing, quality control, logistics and final delivery for a wide variety of media types. Naturcycle seeks to support each customer with the best solution. From the submittal process on the project, to the truck making the delivery and to proper installation techniques Naturcycle will work with you to simplify the entire process from beginning to end.

Our founder, Mr. Charles Duprey has been a leader in large green roof projects in the New York City area. He developed the blend for the Croton Water Treatment Plant Green Roof, one of the largest in the Country, and spent years executing the Javits Convention Center Green Roof. His experience, knowledge of the market areas and resume of successful projects is second to none.

For the Mid-Atlantic region from Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, all of New York State and Western New England, Naturcycle can provide for your Green Roof Media needs. Naturcycle offers branded extensive, intensive, light weight planting media in Bulk, Super Sacks or Small Bags, as needed. We also are available for private blending and specification review with Value Engineering. If a system provider seeks to expand their blending options in the Northeast, you can work with the most professional, experienced provider in Naturcycle.

Naturcycle is an American Institute of Architects Continuing Education provider and it is now offering AIA LUís on a variety of topics.

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