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Columbia Green Technologies
79 SE Taylor
Portland, OR 97214 USA
Phone 503-327-8723
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Columbia Green Technologies offers comprehensive green roof solutions which have been engineered to meet the unique challenges of the rooftop growing environment. Designers appreciate the flexibility to use trays or multilayer assemblies, as the project requirements dictate. Building owners love the single source "Roof to Green Roof" warranty options provided through our roofing partners.

  • Multilayer systems are built-in-place systems that are consist of following components

  • Growing Media

  • Retention Layer which provides supplemental moisture retention for plant available water, high porosity for root aeration, and anchorage for plant root

  • Filter Layer which prevents gravitational erosion of the growing media

  • Drainage Layer for preventing ponding and moving excess water across the roof surface to the nearest drain

  • Edger for perimeter stability

  • Multilayer systems are most compatible with curvilinear or organically shaped roof layouts

  • Multilayer systems offer maximum soil depth flexibility

  • Our patented interlocking and overlapping tray system was designed by landscape architects, stormwater engineers, horticulturists and roofing experts. Just fill it with growing media and plants. Each of the individual functions found in the multilayer assembly is inherent to the tray, thus eliminating the need for separate drainage mats, root barriers, filter fabric, etc.

Our roofing membrane partnerships allow us to offer single-source warranties on our assemblies. We partner with leading manufacturers of roofing materials to offer a complete solution for every type of roof construction. Our products primarily sold through these partners.

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