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JDR Enterprises, Inc.
292 South Main Street Suite 200
Alpharetta, GA 30009 USA
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Phone 770-442-1461
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JDR Enterprises, Inc. believes greenroofs are about ‘altitude and attitude’!

Our goal is to manufacture, supply, and promote the most efficient, high quality green roofing drain components and technology to our community.

JDR ENTERPRISES, INC. has been a leading manufacturer of Prefabricated Drainage Composites since 1982. Our product range includes not only greenroof applications, but drainage composites for both home and commercial construction foundation walls, natural and synthetic athletic field, golf courses, under slab and split slab drainage, plaza deck drainage and planters.

The greenroof drainage layer is installed over the waterproofing membrane to remove excess water and prevent saturation of the growing medium. In some cases, the drainage layer can be designed to retain water and serve as a reservoir for irrigating plants between rainfalls. J-DRain GRS is four-feet wide and comes in fifty-foot rolls for easy installation.

A function of the drain layer is the application of a root resistant filter fabric. It is placed directly atop the drain layer for maximum, long-term success of the drainage layer. The root resistant filter fabric prevents roots from affecting the efficiency of the drainage/aeration layer. It also acts as a filter fabric, preventing fine particles from being washed out of the substrate soil, ensuring efficiency of the drain layer.

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