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Green Roof Outfitters
1445 Greenleaf Road
Charleston, SC 29405 USA
Contact Michael Whitfield
Phone 843-364-7653
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Green Roof Outfitters® modules are a versatile modular green roofing system combining design flexibility with cost effective installation. Our modules are designed for simple installation, and unlike built-in-place and hybrid-only systems, allow for ease of access for roof maintenance and repair using our standard planting method. Every standard module contains the layers of a complete green roof system including drainage, storm water retention, filtering, growth media, and plants. Modules are installed directly on a roof's waterproofing system, providing protection to the waterproofing from ultraviolet light and heat fluctuations which are common causes of waterproofing degradation. This added protection can double or triple the life of the waterproofing system. Other benefits include reduced heating and cooling costs; storm water mitigation; noise reduction; and habitat creation.

That includes habitat for humans. Whether it is a healing garden, an urban oasis, or a vegetable/herb bed, our system has the flexibility to accomplish a variety of designs from extensive to intensive plantings utilizing a combination of our standard and hybrid planting methods. Our modules can be planted on site with pre-vegetated mats or pre-planted and grown out to 95% plant coverage for a mature green roof at the time of the installation. We also provide our clients with the option to purchase our modules empty or filled with growth media only. Flexibility and variety are the hallmarks of the Green Roof Outfitters® modular system.

Contact us today at Ask us about our green roof accessory products like edge treatments and walkway pavers.


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