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Moerings USA / Sempergreen
P.O. Box 60
Lignum, VA 22726 USA
Contact Dick Bernauer
Phone 540-399-5055
Fax 540-399-9085


Green roofs, blossoming roundabouts, erosion-resistant embankments, green-covered sound barrier walls and magnificent ground covers. Sempergreen® green and sustainable products can be used everywhere. They require very little labor to install as they are easy and quickly to apply to enjoy virtually maintenance-free.

Sempergreen® is producer of vegetation mats, plant mats and living wall systems.

Take advantage of our 14 years of international know-how and experience, jump on the bandwagon of the green Sempergreen® products!

Extensive support, straightforward advice, superior products, most competitive products with the best value on the market, excellent references and making the impossible possible... That’s how our customers know us.

In addition, we offer our products to be installed by licensed and approved contractors, which is the reason that we support projects free of charge and do not install the products ourselves. Why is it that our customers truly want to do business with us? Its hassle free, fool proof support with 14 years of experience, and an unheard commitment and enthusiasm for green and sustainable products!


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