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Bison Innovative Products
701 Osage St Bldg 2 #120
Denver, CO 80204 USA
Contact Sales Staff
Phone 800-333-4234
Fax 303-825-5988
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Deck Supports: Bison Deck Supports provides a screw-to-adjust pedestal system for simple and easy installation of rooftop decks. Our gravity-based pedestals quickly install without harming waterproof membranes. Bison pedestals offer the largest bearing surface area for improved support of wood tiles, stone and concrete pavers.

Wood Tiles: Constructed from durable Ipe and Cumaru, the Wood Tiles vary in length from 24" to 48" and custom sizes and offer design flexibility and easy installation to create beautiful rooftop decks. Installed on Bison pedestals, modular Bison Ipe tiles reduce labor costs and create a custom look at a cost-effective price.

Green Roof Services: Bison offers expertise in green roof design. Bison Green Roof Consulting Services include Rooftop Deck Consulting, Horticultural Consultation, Planting Design and Plans, Plant Sourcing and Contract Growing, Soil Specifications and Installation & Maintenance Plans.

Click to Watch Installation Videos: http://bisonip.com/design-planning/installation-videos/

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