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Etera® Green Roof Plants
14113 Riverbend Road
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273 USA
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Phone 877-694-7613
Fax 360-395-3318 | The International Greenroof & Greenwall Directory Company Profile: Etera


Etera® is the quality leader in the green roof and green wall plants marketplace. As the largest Sedum stock grower in N. America, we grow more than 40 varieties of Sedum as well as other green roof perennials.

Etera® SEDUM TILE® provide complete vegetative coverage and quick installation. The coco fiber base ensures effective rooting of the plants to the underlying growth media and holds the tile together for easy installation. SEDUM TILE® root quickly and require minimal maintenance. Our 12” x 24” size makes SEDUM TILE® compatible with built up systems and most modules. We offer 4 standard mixes with proven performance as well as single color mixes and custom mixes including mixes inserted with accent perennials. We also offer Sedum bulk cuttings and Sedum and perennial plugs.

Etera® has unparalleled horticultural expertise, a national distribution network and year round SEDUM TILE® availability. We ship on temperature controlled trucks and pride ourselves on delivering our plant material in peak condition directly to our customer or the job site. Etera®, the Green in Green Roof.


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