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Carolina Stonecrops Inc.
159 Bayshore Drive
Nebo, NC 28761 USA
Contact Robert Long
Phone 828-659-2851
Fax 828-460-9483 cell
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Carolina Stonecrops, Inc. grows wholesale Stonecrop plants and prevegetated modules for the greenroof industry. Our nursery is located in western NC in a zone 7 climate. We offer 2 dozen species of plants that have proven to be robust and require low maintenance in greenroof applications. With some notice we will acquire additional species for special projects. Products are:

  • Rooted plugs - Normally we have 1500 trays in inventory of popular species in standard 1.5” diameter x 3” plugs. If species are out of stock about 2 months are required to produce plugs. For custom orders we will mix species in the plug trays. Heated greenhouses allow us to grow plugs late fall and early spring. We have our own “mother plant” stock but do not offer cuttings.

  • Prevegetated modules - These modules radically reduce the time and labor to install a finished greenroof. We have an inventory of grown modules for smaller jobs and will custom grow to specification for projects. An irrigated area suitable for growing 3000 2’x2’ modules is located near our 6 greenhouses.

Delivery of plugs is inexpensive and done with our van and trailer (capacity -700 trays on racks). Prevegetated modules weigh about 70 pounds each and are palletized 20-24 to a pallet and shipped by flatbed tractor trailer. Packaged shipment of smaller quantities of plugs is also available.

Philosophy - Most greenroofs have limited accessibility and therefore get very low amounts of planned maintenance. Our job is to get feedback from installer/maintainer groups on which species grow best in each area and make the information available to our customers. Consulting on plants and plant problems is free. We also offer a maintenance manual to all customers.


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