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Green Innovations Ltd
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The Green Innovations series of green roof water retention panels have been developed as an intricate component in green roof design and installation. The panel design allows for a uninterrupted continuous layer of soil right to the edging and the vegetation can be installed as vegetative mats, or plant plugs or hydro-seeded.

Water is a critical and important concern for the vegetation and drainage of the roof. Our components satisfy both issues with superior storm water management handling channels and reservoir areas moulded into the panels, retaining as much as 98% of the water. The stored water is fairly evenly distributed over the surface allowing water to be in close proximity to your entire vegetative system.

Think Green Innovations under your green for your next Green Roof Project.

- manufactured using 100% recycled plastic
- snap together making installation quick and easy
- designed to retain water, thus eliminating the need for an irrigation system
- excess water flows through a series of well distributed holes
- provides for air-flow under the panel and above the roof membrane
- the interlocking system allows for a uniform surface to build the green roof layers upon
- panels do not require ballasts during installation
- easy and fast to cut with skill saw or cut-off saw to fit snug around drain inspection chamber or other items
- high compression strength
- aggregates or expanded clays not required, saving substantial time during installation
- can be used on sloped roofs

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