Here is a sampling of media exposure for us and where we have been referenced.


December 2008

(Modern) Hanging Gardens Chill Urbania
Center For American Progress,
by Staff
December 3, 2008

"David Hart, with Tremco Inc., talks with Rahn Wuest, a supervisor for the Metropolitan Sewer District of Cincinnati, atop a green roof at a sewer district station on October 1, 2008, in Cincinnati. Cincinnati plans to offer financial incentives to property owners to replace tar and shingles with vegetation...Installing a green roof is one more solution to climate problems that has a long list of great benefits..." is referenced as a resource.

November 2008

Stormwater retention should be consideration for green roofs
Daily Commercial News,
by Korky Koroluk
November 14, 2008

Toronto, Canada.
"...The two best websites I’ve found are operated by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, in Toronto, and, LLC, in Alpharetta, Ga. Both serve as industry portals, which means they have solid libraries of non-commercial information, as well as heavy involvement by the research communities, various levels of government, plus participation from suppliers and contractors...." is referenced as a resource.

July 2008

Green Roofing Options
Green Living Ideas,
by Staff
July, 2008

The World. "...Green roofs offer one big piece of the solution to Urban Heat Island syndrome. Modern cities, with their huge production of waste heat, and replacement of cooling, sun-reflecting vegetation with heat-absorbing asphalt and concrete, are hot spots on the planet’s surface which even create their own unnatural weather. Perhaps one day our city roofs viewed from the air won’t look like geometric scars on the landscape, but patterns of waving greenery." is referenced as a resource.

June 2008

Plan a Green Roof Safari for Summer Vacation
by Jaymi Heimbuch
June 27, 2008

The World. "...The best kind of vacation is one in which you learn lots, bring home cool stories, and have a great, unique time. Green Roof Safari provides just such a trip...Not only will the guides fill you in on details, but you’d also get a chance to talk about green roof issues with policy-makers, designers and researchers. Talk about heaven on earth for exploring EcoGeeks...I enjoy the cite for catching up on cool happenings..." is referenced.

Five Years Later, Rouge Remains Touchstone for 'Green' Projects Around the World,
Press Release
June 18, 2008

Dearborn,  MI. "This month, Ford Motor Company celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Ford Rouge Center’s "green" makeover and the construction of its environmentally friendly Dearborn Truck Plant...Linda Velazquez, publisher of, concurred: "The Ford Rouge project has helped popularize vegetated roofs within the U.S. Having held the title of ‘the world’s largest green roof’ helped propel the Rouge project into the minds of designers, business and government leaders, researchers, students and the media. The visionary leadership of Ford executives and the plant’s site-sensitive design clearly demonstrated that green roofs are economically feasible and possible at many scales, on different types of buildings."...According to surveys conducted by the non-profit association, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the number of green roofs in America grew 80 percent between 2004 and 2005, increased again by 25 percent in 2006 and by 30 percent in 2007.’s Velazquez, a member of the association, said the estimates offer a good, albeit incomplete, picture of the actual number of green roof projects completed or underway since data is only collected from corporate members..."

Linda Velazquez is quoted.

Note:  See the Ford Motor Company's River Rouge Plant in The Greenroof Projects Database.

When putting a roof over your head, try making it more like a forest
San Francisco Chronicle,
by Philip S. Wenz
June 6, 2008

San Francisco, CA. "...The solution to hard surfaces, it seems, would be to make cities more like forests. Enter "ecoroofs" - roofs covered with a thin layer (4 to 6 inches) of soil and vegetation that provide many of the environmental services of natural ecosystems...Residential ecoroofs are becoming more practical, however, because cities such as San Francisco, Portland, Ore., and Chicago are encouraging their installation and, in some cases, offering stormwater-fee rebates. San Francisco will be issuing stormwater design guidelines in the near future..." is referenced as a resource.

May 2008

Fort Worth looks for ways to go green
TCU Daily Skiff,
by Ashleigh Whaley
May 2, 2008

Fort Worth, TX. "On April 11, the University of Texas at Arlington installed 1,000 square feet of soil and plants to the roof of the Life Science Building. This summer, the Botanical Research Institute of Texas will continue making plans to install what its director of development, Cleve Lancaster, says will be "one of the largest examples of green roof in North Texas" at BRIT's future headquarters next to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden...The team is testing five different types of green roofs, Kinder said. The testing platforms are 15 wooden-box roof modules, each 16 square feet, filled with current commercial products, transplanted native soil and experimental mulch designs...In the U.S., the number of green-roof projects varies from state to state. According to the Greenroof Projects Database, New York has 56 green roofs and Oregon contains 25, while Oklahoma and Mississippi have none. As of the end of April, the database lists Texas as having seven green roofs, but the number is rising..."

Note:  See the UT at Arlington Life Science Center Green Roof in The Greenroof Projects Database.

The Greenroof Projects Database is referenced as a resource.

April 2008

Editor's Picks: Go Green or Go Solar?
The Green Guide,
by David Wortman
April 24, 2008 (From the May/June 2007 issue)

The World. "Green roofs are all the rage..."From the perspective of increasing biodiversity, green roofs are a success," says Amy Lesen, assistant professor of biology at New York's Pratt Institute. But if it's measurable energy savings you're after, you might consider solar panels...But if you do have the resources, consider combining PV panels with a green roof. According to the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, shade provided by the panels can even encourage more biodiversity. You and the environment just may find yourselves in a win-win situation..." is referenced as a resource.

Green Roof News Spring 2008
The International Green Roof Association Newsletter

April 22, 2008

The World. "The international Green Roof community maintains vibrant activity. Within the next months some major events will bring together experts from all over the world to exchange ideas and share experiences. At the same time the number of prime examples for ‘Green Building Constructions’ is also increasing all over the world...Content: Showcase for a new generation of shopping centres: The 'Meydan' Project in Istanbul, FiftyTwoDegress Nijmegen: Sustainable stormwater management with Green Roofs, Set a good example: Waitakere City Council Green Roof in New Zealand; Practical considerations for rubble/brown/biodiverse living roofs; About to go: Green Roof Policies in the UK; A free international community resource: The Greenroof Projects Database; Reminder: World Green Roof Congress 2008 in London; and a Preview of the next IGRA-newsletter..."

Linda Velazquez wrote the article "A free international community resource: The Greenroof Projects Database."

Tall Poppy Interview: Chris Turner
by Andrew Chin
April 19, 2008

Toronto, Canada. "...You don't really talk too much about Toronto in the book, but you do mention the rooftop gardens of the Royal York Hotel. Is this something that can be replicated across the city? There's no reason not to. There's absolutely no reason why any rooftop surface couldn't do it. For example, in the late 80's and early 90's in Germany, they decided that this was the thing that they were going to really, really strongly encourage. And there are now like hundreds of thousands of green roofs in Germany. It's one of those techniques that there is no downside..."

The photo of the Royal York Hotel is referenced from and hyperlinked to the Greenroof Projects Database.

Green scene
Fort Worth Star Telegram,
by Staff
April 10, 2008

Arlington, TX. "...Green roofs probably would sprout around the Metroplex if more role models were available to show documented benefits. Enter the University of Texas at Arlington. On Friday, volunteers from UTA will install an experimental green roof on a 1,000-square-foot section of the Life Science Building...The project includes the installation of the enhanced roofing system, irrigation, plants and about 30,000 pounds of soil. Although this will be the first green roof on the campus, university officials say that future buildings will include structures designed and built with green roofs..."

Note:  See the UT at Arlington Life Science Center Green Roof in The Greenroof Projects Database. is referenced as a resource.

February 2008

Melwood ‘filling a niche’ in green roofing
Business Gazette,
by Andy Zieminski
February 7, 2008

Washington, D.C. metro area. "...Oden is one of about 12 people with disabilities who are paid by the nonprofit Melwood Horticultural Training Center to help grow sedum in an Upper Marlboro greenhouse for the purpose of green roofing...But not many nurseries in the area supply plants for green roofing because the plants need to be at a younger stage of growth, said Sarah Murphy, who works for D.C. Greenworks, a nonprofit that does green roofing in Washington...But Melwood officials have recently begun to market their service to contractors and homeowners as well, for example through their listing on"


november 2007

Greenroofs as High Performance Design
Reed Construction Data,
by Linda S. Velazquez
Posted November 5, 2007

The World. "Increasingly, high performance buildings, green design practices, and sustainable technologies are becoming major architectural influences and are now setting standards within the international construction industry...Greenroofs are fast becoming green staples of chic sustainability in mainstream architecture and high performance building. Greenroofs are vibrant and exciting alternatives to the average..."

Publisher's Note:
This is the first for Linda in a series of occassional articles with Reed Construction Data.


october 2007

Green Accounting Firms
CPA Technology Advisor,
by Rob Carmines, CPA.CITP, MST, CFP, PFS
October, 2007

U.S. "...You may be familiar with the push to require commercial buildings to utilize rooftop gardens as a way to increase energy efficiency as well as give back to the environment. These systems are now also being utilized in residential housing. A website promoting this genre of roofing is According to the site, these roofs are to be highlighted on the television show “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition” on ABC (probably in the fall)..." is referenced as a resource.

september 2007

Atlanta, GA. See video - "Roofscaping: Turning Rooftops Into Gardens," FOX5 Energy Team. [09.18.07]'s publisher/editor, Linda Velazquez, is briefly interviewed here atop Northpark 400 in Sandy Springs, GA. Linda's first greenroof project in downtown Atlanta (2001) is also highlighted. The homeowner - and her dog, Monkey, are shown enjoying the doggie greenspace atop their 670 sf converted automotive warehouse-turned artist studio, medical arts practice and two-story residential loft that is 310 HauStudio. Under "FOX 5 e-Team Coverage" scroll down to "FOX Energy Team: Roofscaping" and click.


august 2007

Raising the Green Roof
Points North,
by Hilda J. Bruker
August, 2007

Atlanta, GA. "For those eating in the fifth floor cafeteria of Atlanta City Hall, the window views of the adjacent fourth story roof are not just limited to asphalt anymore. Since 2003...Diane Hause is among thus group of urban pioneers. In 1999 she bought a century-old brick warehouse in Castleberry Hill...not all residential green roofs have to be flat, according to Sheila Fowler, resources and marketing coordinator for the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center..."

Publisher's Note:  See the project profiles for Atlanta City Hall, 3TEN HauStudio, and the Gwinnett County Environmental & Heritage Center in The Greenroof Projects Database. is referenced as a resource.

june 2007

Up on the Roof with Urban Agriculture
New West,
by Kisha Lewellyn Schlegel
June 12, 2007

The World. "...By far, the most significant issues are those of access and roof load capacity. In countries obsessed with the liability of such roofs (where people will walk and play and grow) these safety concerns, while they might be valid, can become excuses for not taking on such projects. However, many cities such as Atlanta, Chicago and Toronto have taken on the challenge to cool and green their roofline. Portland, Oregon, even has incentives for green roof building. (a list of projects: In time, these rooftop gardens might also be connected by rooftop bridges..." is referenced as a resource.

Editor's Picks: Go Green or Go Solar?
The Green Guide,
by David Wortman
May/June 2007

The World. "Green roofs are all the rage..."From the perspective of increasing biodiversity, green roofs are a success," says Amy Lesen, assistant professor of biology at New York's Pratt Institute. But if it's measurable energy savings you're after, you might consider solar panels...But if you do have the resources, consider combining PV panels with a green roof. According to the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, shade provided by the panels can even encourage more biodiversity. You and the environment just may find yourselves in a win-win situation..." is referenced as a resource.

march 2007

Taking it to the rooftops Things are looking up for urbanites who have little or no yard space
San Francisco Chronicle,
by Nicole Spiridakis
March 31, 2007

San Francisco, CA. "When Susan Hunter walks up the hill to her Upper Market neighborhood home, it's easy for her to see how much sun her small rooftop garden is getting -- all she has to do is look at the line of fog. On clear days, her cherished tomatoes receive a decent amount of light...Chicago embraced the "green rooftop" concept in 2000 when it planted 20,000 plants on the roof of its City Hall. More than 100 species were in the garden...When the California Academy of Sciences reopens next year in Golden Gate Park -- at a tab of roughly $429 million -- it will boast a 2-acre "living roof" of native plants. The garden could reduce storm water runoff by as much as 2 million gallons per year..." is referenced as a resource.

The Window Box Gets Some Tough Competition
New York Times,
by Patricia Leigh Brown
March 23, 2007

Carmel Valley, CA. "...Gardeners like Mr. Scollan are tackling challenges at once similar and distinct from “terrestrial” gardening, in the words of Ed Snodgrass, a pioneering green roof nurseryman in Maryland who writes an “Ask Ed” column for and is the author of the definitive “Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Planting Guide”...Paul Kephart, the founder of Rana Creek, calls the roof (California Academy of Sciences) “the most challenging vegetative structure in the world.” The need for gardening ingenuity is likely to increase as green architecture gets ever more sophisticated, Mr. Kephart said..."


february 2007

Over the top
Pioneer Press,
by Molly Millett
February 24, 2007

MN."..."They're beginning to enter the consciousness in the United States," says Linda Velazquez of, a Georgia-based resource and online information portal. "It's an emerging industry."..."It's still fairly new to develop here, it's considered a strange technology, and a lot of developers are waiting to see local examples of green rooftops that are cost-effective," Zoll says. "But the bigger picture is that it's really starting to take off. In Minnesota, green roofs have doubled in the last five years, and it's safe to assume they'll double again in the next five years."                                                                            

A Tax Break For A Garden On Your Roof It's True
Evening Bulletin,
by Jim McCaffrey
February 12, 2007

Philadelphia, PA. "...According to The Greenroof Projects Database, green roofs are popular in Europe and have recently begun showing up in the United States in cities such as Chicago. They usually include multiple layers of waterproofing, drainage, soil and plant and cover the entire roof surface..."                                                                           


january 2007

Web resources for cost-effective roofing
by Russ Kratowicz
January 25, 2007

The World. ", LLC, in Alpharetta, Ga., runs a site that bills itself as “the greenroof industry resource portal.” You make the decision about that claim after you examine the offerings. As an aside, this site explains why these pro-jects should be called “greenroofs” instead of “green roofs.” You’ll find Velazquez’s site to be one of the more technically oriented resources. For example, it offers a searchable Greenroof Projects Database, a tabulation of more than..." 


august 2006

Resuscitate Your Roof
Whole Life Times,
by Staff
August 2006

U.S. "Is the roof over your head living or dead? A “green” or “living” roof is one that’s covered with soil and short-rooted plants instead of your average gravel or pitch and shingles, thus swapping a sad old impervious shell for a happy little heat-absorbent, water filtering system...Handy-types will find green roofing a doable home project, while the tool-clueless should be able to find a local builder up to the task. For more tips and the latest trends in roof resuscitation, visit or"


july 2006

Students examine benefits of green roofs
The Telegraph,
by Maggie Carlson
July 4, 2006

Edwardsville, IL. "..."We’re basically recouping that green space on the roof," said Kelly Luckett, the president of Florissant, Mo.-based Green Roof Blocks. Luckett was at SIUE Friday for the Midwest Regional Green Roof Symposium for businesses and experts to share knowledge and learn about the financial, ecological and aesthetic benefits of these green roofs. According to Luckett and, benefits of these roofs include cleaner air, storm water management and roofs that last three to four times longer..."


june 2006

Green Flight
Urban Land,
by Linda S. Velazquez
(On Newsstands or by Subscription Only)
June, 2006

The World. "Green roofs offer numerous benefits, especially when designed for large surfaces, such as airport roofs..."

Publisher's Note:  This is an edited version of my 2005 paper entitled European Airport Greenroofs - A Potential Model for North America

may 2006

Green Guide: Fifty Ways to Help Save the Planet
Special Green Issue, by Daisy Prince and Emily Butselaar
May 2006

# 11. GET A GREEN ROOF A green roof is more than simply a roof with plants growing on it. It functions like a "breathing wall," consuming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emitting oxygen. Green roofs generally use low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants. Vegetation is planted or laid down as pre-vegetated mats on a thin layer of soil. More intensive green-roof systems may contain trees and larger plants, but these require deeper soil and are more expensive. One of the biggest benefits of a green roof is water management: it can absorb more than 50 percent of rainwater, thereby reducing runoff, a major source of pollution in our waterways. Plus, it can help reduce air-conditioning costs during the hot summer months. For more information, visit" is referenced as a resource.

Growing a green roof
Bellingham Herald,
by Michelle Theriault
May 17, 2006 is referenced as a resource.

 april 2006

Green roofs swing temperatures in urban jungles,
by April Holladay
April 25, 2006 is referenced as a resource.

Click on the "ANATOMY OF A GREEN ROOF Graphic" to see a great diagram of the ASLA Greenroof plus a photos gallery of many projects, some photos supplied by, and one is of the Seattle City Hall taken by Linda S. Velazquez in July, 2004.

autumn 2005

Organic Greenroof Architecture: Design Considerations and System Components -
Growing a new roof - sustainably

Environmental Quality Management, Volume 15, Issue 1, (subscription)

by Linda S. Velazquez
Autumn 2005

"In the summer 2005 issue of this journal, I introduced the concept of greenroofs -- vegetated covers installed atop roof decks. I described some basic greenroof technologies, and explained some of the key environmental, economic, aesthetic, and psychological advantages that greenroofs offer.

In this article, I discuss the design of greenroofs, with details on system components, maintenance, cost issues, and the range possible applications. I also offer some thoughts on the future of greenroof development.

Greenroof Design: General Considerations

The greenroof design process is truly site specific, and requires open communication between the building owner and the design team..."

Organic Greenroof Architecture: Sustainable Design for the New Millennium
Environmental Quality Management, Volume 14, Issue 4, (subscription)

by Linda S. Velazquez
Summer 2005


august 2005

From the Top
Grounds Maintenance,
by Tracy Powell
August 1, 2005

"...Consultant and publisher Linda Velazquez believes, “The interest and, therefore, demand for green roofs has outpaced the supply for several areas of this growing industry, generally in the professional services areas, specifically in the design/build, installation and maintenance areas. Well-educated people who understand the dynamics of the individual green roof components, as well as the system as a whole, are necessary for high-quality installation services to sustain the demand, which are needed throughout North America...”

Linda is quoted at length.

Prevention practices may hold hope for ailing estuary,
by E.B. Furgurson III
August 1, 2005 is referenced as a resource.

summer 2005

Organic Greenroof Architecture: Sustainable Design for the New Millennium
Environmental Quality Management, Volume 14, Issue 4, (subscription)

by Linda S. Velazquez
Summer 2005

"High-performance buildings, green design practices, and sustainable technologies are becoming increasingly important influences on architectural practices around the world.  They are even beginning to influence standards within the construction industry..."

Look for Part II in the Fall 2005 edition of the EQM Journal.

may 2005

Growing Up - "Greenroofs" are blooming all over Atlanta
Atlanta Home Improvement,
by Laura Raines - on newsstands & by subscription
May, 2005 is referenced as a resource.

Up on Roofs?
This Old House Magazine,
by Sallie Brady
May, 2005 is referenced as a resource.

april 2005

Green Roofs Meet Environmental Objectives
Environmental Design+Construction,
by Mark Leslie
April 1, 2005

"...According to Linda Velazquez of “,” an independent consultant, the modules add different alternatives and advantages than the traditional layered system, which includes: a roof membrane; a couple of layers of matting that allow water to flow through and maintain air flow; then a drainage medium (gravel or filter fabric or soil).

With modules from GreenTech, Velazquez says: the green roof is removable and the modules replaceable..." 

september 2004

How green is your roof? Landscaping is rising to a new level,
by Marty Wingate, Special to the Post-Intelligencer
September 2, 2004 is referenced as a resource.

august 2004

Linda is proud to announce her recent LEED™ accreditation -  the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Green Building Rating System.  Greenroofs are one option within the green building industry, and as both publisher of and a designer, I felt it was only natural to commit to the program.

july 2004

Making the most of every space
The Free Lance-Star,
by Cathy Jett, July 10, 2004

"Carrabba's roof features daylilies, creeping junipers - A Tuscan-style garden is grabbing drivers' attention as they zip along Fall Hill Avenue ... Germans started the trend 30 years ago as a way to help replace land lost to development and manage stormwater runoff, said Linda Velazquez of"

Tracy Huth of Green Scene Landscaping

The Carrabbas rooftop garden in Central Park; Photo by Suzanne Carr, The Free Lance-Star

june 2004

A winner was selected for our Free One Year Premium Listing Drawing at the Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities 2004 on June 4, 2004... Congratulations goes to the "Henry Company - Building Envelope Systems." 

Our exhibitor boothmate, Trish Luckett of GREEN ROOF BLOCKS, selected the lucky winner on Friday, June 4.

Trish Luckett of Green Roof Blocks draws the lucky winner: The Henry Company

Trish Luckett at the Booth, GRSC Conference in Portland, OR; Photo by LSV

Up on a green roof,
Beacon Journal staff report, June 5, 2004 is referenced as a resource.

Listen to publisher Jerry Kay's interview with Linda from June 9 on ENN Radio.  Hear the show archive on Icicle Networks and Sirius Satellite Radio.


'Green' Roofs Sprout Up All Over
by Ketzel Levine, June 23, 2004 is referenced as a resource.

may 2004

Listen to Seattle's 94.9 KUOW: NPR News and Information Station's interview with Linda (among others, including Patrick Carey of hadj design and the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild)from May 5 here.

november 2003

Our secret gardens - creating an oasis in the urban jungle
astleberry Hill Chronicle, by Jennifer J. Smith, Fall, 2003

"Greenroofs offer their own set of challenges and Diane opted to go with professional greenroof designer Linda S. Velazquez for her 670-sq. ft. Asian garden..."

"Butler's backyard" is a custom
designed semi-extensive greenroof
with an Asian feel -Design & Photo
by Linda S. Velazquez

Barren rooftops go green!
Castleberry Hill Chronicle, by Linda S. Velazquez, page 6
Fall, 2003

"Respect for nature and nurturing of our built environment can go hand in hand. How? With the earth friendly technology of organic greenroof architecture! Greenroofs offer many..."

october 2003

Tuscan Skies Overhead, by Linda S. Velazquez  October 5, 2003

"Brick walls, pergolas, Italian cypresses, junipers, arborvitae, flowering vines and perennials set on a gentle hill set against blue skies... Sounds like a southern Italian villa and the countryside of Tuscany, but actually this setting can be found on the roof of your neighborhood Carrabba's Italian Grill.  Orlando, Florida was the first Carrabba's to boast one, and since 1998 every new Carrabba's has been constructed with lush Italianate roof gardens.  Currently over 70 of Carrabba's' 133 restaurants in 27 U.S. states are so adorned with 14 more to open between now and December 15 - and approximately 20 - 25 more greened Italian Grills will open next year..."

august 2003

Green Roof Specifications & Standards
The Construction Specifier,
by Christopher G. Wark and Wendy W. Wark  August 2003 is referenced as a resource.

july 2003

We are pleased to announce the winner of our drawing for a Premium Listing in our new Greenroof Directory.  Selected from over 250 attendees' business cards deposited at our booth at the May Chicago "Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities 2003" Green Roof Conference, Awards and Trade Show, congratulations goes to GreenHellas, from Athens, Greece for the 12-month listing, a $250 value.

GreenHellas Greenroofs Logo

Look for GreenHellas' architect and principal Katerina Mavroidis' Student Guest Feature Article soon - she is currently attending Dartmouth pursuing her MBA.


Up on the Roof
perspectives online, by Andy Fisher  July 22, 2003

NOTE:  The "Up on the Roof" article does not reference - see "Small World" below.

North Carolina State University. "A research project under way in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has been forcing stormwater specialist Bill Hunt to hit the roof — literally. Hunt and his peers..."

Carrabbas Italian Grill, Bonita Springs, FL

Carrabba's Bonita Springs, FL Photo by Linda S. Velazquez

Small World

The funny thing is that this article includes a photo of a lush roof garden atop a Carrabba's Italian Grill, and I just came back a few days ago from visiting the same restaurant chain in Bonita Springs, FL. Family live in Marco Island, and while we were vacationing they just had to take us to Naples and see this  spectacular greenroof built along the roof's perimeter. I spoke with the Managing Partner, Eric Yeagle, and he informed me that this was just one of many Carrabba's with greenroofs. Cypress trees, flowering shrubs, vines, perennials and annuals adorn the irrigated and highly intensive roof garden area. Look for a story on Carrabba's, their company philosophy, and greenroofs soon...

Feature:  Seeing Green,
by Steve Trautlein  July 11
, 2003

"...Tokyo is to be commended as a city positioning itself to become more environmentally sustainable," says Linda S. Velazquez, the publisher of, an advocacy group. She adds that Japan now joins Germany as the only countries to require gardens on at least some of its buildings..."

Green roofs: their existing status and potential for conserving biodiversity in urban areas - Report Number 498,
by English Nature Staff
July 8
, 2003 is referenced as a resource.

Atlantans looking up to chill out,
by Reagan Walker  July 3
, 2003

"...The 650-square-foot garden -- no small undertaking, since a dump truck load of dirt had to be hauled to the roof on a bucket-and-pulley system -- provides a lush green carpet of dianthus, hens and chicks, creeping phlox, mondo grass and dwarf varieties of crape myrtle and blue star juniper. Linda Velazquez of designed and engineered the space for Hause, who moved to the burgeoning loft district from Kennesaw..."  

Rooted Roofs
Viking Magazine,
by Elizabeth O'Sullivan  July, 2003

"...Linda Velazquez, a green-roof designer from Alpharetta, Ga., who publishes the website, says Germans merged traditional sod-roof styles with modern technology, and used the resulting "living roofs" or "green roofs" atop urban buildings..."


june 2003

Green Roofs Advice Note
The British Council for Offices and the Corporation of London          June, 2003 is referenced as a resource.

may/june 2003

Metropolitan Home Magazine, by Lisa Skolnik

                          Met Home Page 94, May/June 2003

 Met Home May/June 2003, Greenroofs #24
Photo by Mark Farina, City of Chicago; Article by Lisa Skolnik, Metropolitan Home is proud to have been included in the May/June 2003 issue of Metropolitan Home's "What's Red-Hot Now - Design 100 - The Best of the Best: People, Places, Extraordinary Things."  Greenroofs were voted #24 out of 100 - not bad!  The Chicago City Hall greenroof is highlighted, and the City of Chicago was recognized for leading the “eco-savvy” way.  We were invited to a cocktail reception by Metropolitan Home in New York at the Four Seasons Restaurant to honor this year’s winners on May 5.

An excellent jazz band set stage, sumptuous canapés kept circulating, and the party was entertained by two young Broadway singers from the musical Hairspray.  The surroundings were stunning, the hosts gracious and the invited guests lively, but the center stage was truly had by the100 Design winners themselves.  A couple of huge screens flashed their individual photos throughout the entire evening, focusing attention on these cutting edge designers, concepts and products.

As “the greenroof industry resource portal,” we at were certainly pleased to have been referenced by Metropolitan Home - but since no other stakeholders were mentioned, we’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the major players in the Chicago City Hall project, and perhaps more importantly, pay homage to a few of the true greenroof pioneers in the North American greenroof movement.

The designers of record for the Chicago City Hall Greenroof include:  McDonough+Partners; Weston Design Consultants, Roofscapes, Inc.; Conservation Design Forum; and of course appreciation must be given to Mayor Richard Daley for his ecological vision for the windy city.

Special thanks and recognition should go to the perseverance of early greenroof proponents such as Tom Liptan, ASLA, of the City of Portland, OR; Charlie Miller, P.E., of Roofscapes, Inc.; Katrin Scholz-Barth, civil and environmental engineer; and especially to two prominent veteran landscape architects from the realm of traditional roof garden design in Canada and the U.S.: Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, FCSLA, FASLA; and Theodore Osmundson, FASLA.

Metropolitan Home is available on newsstands everywhere or here, just click on the cover above to order your subscription now.


april 2003

Plant-covered housetops, common in Europe, are a natural addition,
by Kent Steinriede 
April 17, 2003 is referenced as a resource.


march/april 2003

going green
Gardening How-To Magazine, by Justin Hancock website photo was used and we are referenced as a resource.


march 2003

Vegetation Systems Atop Buildings Yield Multiple Environmental Benefits,
by Nancy Solomon, AIA  March, 2003

"...According to Linda S. Velazquez of Alpharetta, Georgia, who publishes a green-roof Web site (, the idea for contemporary green roofs came from medieval Iceland and Scandinavia. For inhabitants of these resource-limited regions, sod was one of very few readily available building materials..."


february 2003

Rooftop Horticulture Coming to Saskatchewan
Straight Goods, by Straight Goods Staff  February 3, 2003 is referenced as a resource.

january 2003

Greenroofs in North America
International Green Roof Journal, Volume 2, No 1, by Linda S. Velazquez

"Some of today's national headlines represent our worst environmental concerns and issues. The fragility of our physical world was demonstrated once more when our collective focus centered on the despicable acts of September 11, 2001 by human hands. As our nation heals, we must act as global citizens, continue to examine how our actions impact the land, and explore sustainable solutions..."

The Profile: Linda S. Velazquez
International Green Roof Journal,
Volume 2, No 1 by Violleta Lindqvist

"At last, there she was, in the arrival hall of Copenhagen Airport, accompanied by her husband Aramis, who, as I learned later, also happens to be the brilliant Web Master of"

december 2002

Gardening Gurus: Linda Velazquez, by Kathy Bond Borie  December, 2002

"It started out as a normal work day for Linda Velazquez, catching a plane to
Stuttgart, Germany, on her shift as a flight attendant for Delta airlines, but it ended with a glimpse of a new career. As the plane was descending, she looked out the window over the rooftops of city buildings and saw green. At first she thought she was seeing the countryside, then she realized that the buildings were blending into the countryside because their roofs were covered in vegetation. Linda was fascinated. When she wasn't flying, she was studying landscape architecture at the University of Georgia and learning how good planning can soothe the boundaries between manmade structures and nature. Now she was being introduced to greenroofs, and they were so remarkable that she had to learn more..." 
Photos and more.

Seeking Support for Green Roofs
Metropolis Magazine, by Colin Cheney  December 16, 2002 is referenced as a resource.

november 2002

'Green Roofs' hailed as money-savers, by Wendy Weiskircher  November 20, 2002

"...Green roofs are the ideal architectural union of aesthetics, economics and ecology," said Velazquez, publisher and design consultant for "Basically, they are vegetated roof covers, although the layers vary from system to system."

Green roofs are most popular in Europe, she said, although North American cities such as Toronto, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago and St. Paul are beginning to use roofs for gardens and recreational areas..."


october 2002

Grass-roof payback may be slow-growing, by Lee Rood  October 8, 2002

"...Invited to the forum are Georgia landscape architect Linda S. Velazquez, founder and publisher of, and Canadian Kaaren Pearce, an experienced designer and installer of green roofs in Ontario. Velazquez, who is also a flight attendant, became enchanted with green roofs while flying over them in Germany and Switzerland..."

Global Warming: News and Events: Inside the Greenhouse: Gardens in the Sky, Yosemite Home, by Staff  October 8, 2002 is referenced as a resource.

Report on Positivity - Urban Vitality: Greenroofs, by
Nima Maleki  October, 2002 and website photos were used for background information, and is referenced as a resource.


september 2002

Social Design Notes: Green Roofs, by Staff  September 23, 2002

"...Linda Velazquez writes by email that 'a traditional roof garden is a roof deck (concrete, wood, etc.) with potted plants in various types of free standing containers,' while a green roof is an extension of the existing roof which involves a special root repelling membrane, a drainage system, a lightweight growing medium, and plants..."


july/august 2002

Not-So-Secret Gardens
Natural Home Magazine,  by Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk is referenced as a resource

june 2002

Rooftop Sanctuary - The air up there is great for your plants...and your peace of mind
Renew Magazine, by Stephanie Pfeffer  June 12, 2002

"...If you’re serious about green roofing, 'go for it but start small,' advises Velazquez...even industrious do-it-yourselfers should consult a professional, Velazquez says..."

Never Mind My Valley – How Green Is My Roof House - Top Gardens Emerge as Goal for City’s Eco-Activists
The New York Sun, by Errol Louis  June 3, 2002

"...Linda Velazquez, founder and publisher of, an electronic newsletter, estimated that a green roof can cut a building’s cooling cost by as much as 50%, a number that can vary depending on the size of the building’s roof. Ms. Velazquez showed examples of buildings that have installed green roofs, including the San Bruno, California, headquarters of the Gap clothing company and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum at Connecticut..."


april 2002

International Green Roof Journal, No. 1 is referenced as a resource.

march 2002

Rooftop Gardens Reduce Smog, Improve Water Quality & More!
Gardener's Supply Company, Garden Activist Column, by Abbey Duke
March 2002 photo was used for background information, and website is referenced as a resource.

november 2001

Environmental Building News, Vol. 10, No. 11 by Alex Wilson is referenced as a resource.

may/june 2001

A Grass-Roofs Effort -  Secret gardens conserve energy and cool the air
Sierra Magazine, by Wendee Holtcamp

"...Linda Velazquez, who recently designed a green roof for a nature center as part of her landscape-architecture degree at the University of Georgia, suggests stating with a test plot on a shed, playhouse, garage, or even a birdhouse..."


january/february 2001

Green Roofs:  Stormwater Management From the Top Down
Environmental Design & Construction Home, by Katrin Scholz-Barth is referenced as a resource.

january 2001

Green rooftop technology saves energy, cools air,
by Environmental News Network staff  January 1, 2001 is referenced as a resource.

december 2000

Green rooftop technology saves energy, cools air,
by Suzanne Elston
December 30, 2000

This is the same article that picked up from above. is referenced as a resource.

Green Roof Saves City, by John Wilson is referenced as a resource.

september 2000

'Green' Buildings'
by Elizabeth Daniels  September 15, 2000 is referenced as a resource.

Meadows Above
Landscape Architecture Magazine
, by J. William Thompson, FASLA is referenced as a resource.

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