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Stalite Environmental is the Horticultural Division of Carolina Stalite Company.

For over a decade, Carolina Stalite Company has been providing the most specified and successful green roof growing media in the United States. As the leader in lightweight aggregate technology for sustainable horticulture, we are proud that several of the most prestigious and award winning green roofs in America utilized PermaTill® as the growing media.

The long term results are proof… durability, permeability, and a ten-year track record assures peace of mind.

Stalite Environmental FEATURES & BENEFITS:

  • Resists decomposition
  • Provides excellent drainage & aeration
  • Reduces storm water runoff
  • Retains nutrients
  • Won’t clog filter systems
  • Offers increased insulation

Other Sustainable Horticultural Applications with Stalite PermaTill®:

  • Structural soils for turf areas & fire lanes
  • Structural soils for planting urban trees
  • Existing tree root bridging & compaction reduction
  • Protecting roots from vole damage
  • Landscape soil additive for improving aeration & drainage
  • Greenhouse and nursery production
  • Bio-retention & rain garden media
  • Pathways and decorative stone
  • Geotechnical uses

Call or email for specifications.