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New York Green Roofs, LLC is a design/build service specializing in the implementation of green roofs. Construction is no longer just about building and development, it is about taking responsibility for the future of the environment and communities that nurture us.

As a full service green roof firm, we provide consultation regarding project and performance details, to design assistance, project management, installation, rehabilitation and maintenance services. Any of our services can be contracted separately, as needed, always with the intention of building strong relationships with our varied clients and promoting sound green roofing practices. Our approach to integrating green roofs allows us to ensure projects are appropriately matched with available technologies and customized to fit both site conditions and client desires. Partnering with owners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, community organizations, institutions and manufacturers, we redefine the skyline by making cities a more livable, efficient, and sustainable place. Our collaborative designs, thoughtful installations, and programmed maintenance produce some of the city’s most iconic green roofs.