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Sempergreen USA, based in Virginia, produces high quality green roof, living wall and groundcover products for each climate zone, that are available year round. With over 20 years of experience, they are the largest and fastest growing vegetation grower in North America. On their nurseries throughout the USA and Canada they produce green roof products in the form of high quality ready-to-use Sedum blankets.

For living walls Sempergreen is your all-in-one partner. Together with preferred installers Sempergreen takes care of both installation and maintenance of the SemperGreenwall in the USA and Canada.

Sempergreen also offers experienced help with specifications, installation advice, and aftercare. Their sales team visits many green roof and living wall installations and is the most knowledgeable team to give tailored advice about your project.

In order to demonstrate that green roofs are legitimate stormwater solutions, Sempergreen has made large investments in expanding knowledge about the behavior and performance of green roof systems. The Stormwater Laboratory is an initiative of Sempergreen with the support of five of the largest green roof system providers in the US. The goal of the Stormwater Laboratory is to test fully assembled green roof systems on a large scale, and expose them to a standardized replicable test, so civil engineers, architects and policy makers can make decisions based on real performance and facts.