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At Atlantis Corporation, we are more than just architects and civil engineers – we are visionaries dedicated to transforming urban landscapes into thriving, sustainable ecosystems. With a history dating back to our founding by Landscape Architect Humberto Urriola in 1986, Atlantis has been at the forefront of the Green Cities movement, driven by a dream of creating urban environments where nature and human innovation coexist harmoniously.

Our Mission:

At Atlantis, we are driven by a profound commitment to the environment. Our multidisciplinary team of environmental engineers, landscape architects, and biologists collaborates seamlessly to develop holistic, ethical, and customized solutions for our clients. We believe in anticipating and addressing development needs while simultaneously repairing and protecting the environment in a way that is economically viable for all stakeholders in urban development.

Atlantis Inventions: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions Since 1986

Atlantis Corporation stands as the visionary behind the world’s inaugural drainage cell, a groundbreaking innovation that revolutionized sustainable urban development. For over five decades, our unwavering commitment to the environment has fueled our relentless pursuit of pioneering systems and products that harmonize with nature. From our iconic green roofs and thriving vertical gardens to permeable pavers that promote eco-conscious infrastructure, landscape void fill solutions that enhance green spaces, subsoil drainage technologies, vertical drainage systems, and efficient stormwater tanks—every one of our creations is crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials. Our journey embodies a profound dedication to environmental stewardship and circular economy principles, ensuring that each innovation aligns seamlessly with our planet’s needs and our shared commitment to a sustainable future.