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Are you looking for greenroof materials for your commercial project or perhaps a small do-it-yourself type project?  The Greenroof Depot is the place for you to contact and purchase separate, individual products for your commercial and residential projects.  Shop here for individual components you can order separately to custom build your next greenroof!

Some companies only offer to the commercial marketplace, so read each listing for specifics.

Do you have eco-friendly roof garden accessories or site furnishings to feature for sale?  Post them here - we're looking to add individual greenroof components and unique rooftop decor like greenroof bird houses and feeders; solar-powered items such as fountains and lighting, rain barrel cisterns; irrigation options and more.

LivRoof Global

LiveRoof: Residential & Commercial


LiveRoof Standard
LiveRoof, LLC offers four advanced green roof systems to meet your living roof needs. Our LiveRoof Standard System at 4 ¼” depth is ideal for most applications and offers an optimal blend of aesthetics, storm water management, and cost.

LiveRoof Deep
The LiveRoof Deep System has a soil depth of 6” and can accommodate a broad variety of traditional perennials including many native species (with irrigation). It is also ideal for the rooftop growing of vegetables.

LiveRoof Lite
The LiveRoof Lite System with 2 ½” soil depth and is designed for roofs that can support only 15 to 17 pounds per square foot. Under special circumstances we can lighten this further and have been very successful with an X-Lite version that weighs only 10 lbs. per square foot when wet.


LiveRoof Maxx
Our LiveRoof Maxx 8” System is ideal for vegetable and perennial gardens on rooftops where access is limited and product must be carried to the site. It can also be used to meet special municipal codes.

In response to designer demand for an artisan quality green roof paver which integrates with LiveRoof®, and contractor necessity for labor-saving solutions, LiveRoof developed the RoofStone® paver system. RoofStone pavers are designed to integrate seamless with the LiveRoof Standard and Deep system options.

RoofEdge - LiveRoof®
RoofEdge® is specially designed to complement the four available sizes of the LiveRoof System. It is extruded, fabricated and finished in the United States using the highest quality materials and standards. The ALL NEW LiveRoof RoofEdge product line represents second generation green roof edging. The improved RoofEdge line is the result of lessons learned during our first 1,000+ installations, and collectively represents a new standard for function, aesthetics and integration.


rooflite: Commercial


rooflite® extensive MC
A state-of-the-art growing media designed for extensive green roofs in multicourse or multilayer construction, optimized for sedums and hardy succulents.

rooflite® extensive MCL
Extra-light growing media designed for extensive multilayer green roofs where system is a high performance media layer on a synthetic drainage layer.

rooflite® semi-intensive
Formulated for semi-intensive green roofs, this media is ideal for a wide range of perennials and grasses, and even small growing shrubs and evergreens.


rooflite® intensive
Designed for intensive green roofs, rooftop gardens, container gardens and planters, and ideal for ground covers, ornamental grasses, shrubs and trees.

rooflite® drain
A granular lightweight drainage material designed for intensive, semi-intensive and extensive eco-roof and roof garden projects in multi-course construction.



Bison Innovative Products
Bison Innovative Products: Commercial & Residential 

Bison Massaranduba Wood Tiles
-- Winner of Architectural Record 2009 Editor’s Pick
-- Pre-assembled and Lightweight
-- Works with Bison Deck Supports and Fastening Kit (patent pending)
-- Low maintenance and Long Lasting
FSC Certified (SCS-COC-002585)
Color: Red/Brown*
Janka Hardness Rating: 3,190 lbs.
Surface: Scuff Resistant
Dimensions: 23 7/8” x 23 7/8” x 1.69”
Weight: 24.5 lbs | Weight psf: 6.13 lbs
*Color may differ than pictured above and change without notice.


Bison Ipê Wood Tiles
- Pre-assembled and Lightweight
- Works with Bison Deck Supports and Fastening Kit (patent pending)
- Low maintenance and Long Lasting
Fire Rating: Class B
Color: Brown*
Janka Hardness Rating: 3,680 lbs.
Surface: Scuff Resistant or Smooth
Dimensions: 23 7/8” x 23 7/8” x 1.69”
Weight: 22.5 lbs | Weight psf: 5.63 lbs
Available in Double Length:
Surface: Scuff Resistant
Dimensions: 23 7/8” x 47 7/8” x 1.69”
Weight: 45 lbs
Weight psf: 5.63 lbs
*Color may differ than pictured above and change without notice.
Versadjust Adjustable Deck Support
Supports paving materials (concrete pavers, wood tiles, stone tiles, etc.) on rooftops and green roofs.
-Maximum Performance Pedestal
-Industrial Quality
-Supports Heaviest Load: 1,500 lbs per Pedestal
-Maximum Height Pedestal System: Up to 24”
-Built In Base Leveling
-Fast Screw-to-Adjust Installation

Green Roof Services (LEED AP and GRP)
Bison offers expertise in the design and construction of green roofs. Bison Green Roof Consulting Services include Rooftop Deck Consulting, Horticultural Consultation, Planting Design and Plans, Plant Sourcing and Contract Growing, Soil Specifications and Installation & Maintenance Plans.
Bison Fastening Kit (Patent Pending)
Integrate Bison Wood Tiles and Deck Supports using Fastening Kit. Fastening Kit secures tiles to create a sturdy and monolithic deck. Adjustable Deck Support
Supports paving materials (concrete pavers, wood tiles, stone tiles, etc.) on rooftops and green roofs.
-Simple Pedestal Design
-Commercial Grade for Residential Use
-Supports 750 lbs per Pedestal
-Pedestal System Reaches 12”
-Fast Screw-to-Adjust Installation




Carolina Stonecrops Inc.
Carolina Stonecrops Inc.: Residential & Commercial


Carolina Stonecrops Rooted Plugs. Normally we have 1500 trays in inventory of popular species in standard 1.5” diameter x 3” plugs. If species are out of stock about 2 months are required to produce plugs. For custom orders we will mix species in the plug trays. Heated greenhouses allow us to grow plugs late fall and early spring. We have our own “mother plant” stock but do not offer cuttings.

Carolina Stonecrops Prevegetated Modules. These modules radically reduce the time and labor to install a finished greenroof. We have an inventory of grown modules for smaller jobs and will custom grow to specification for projects. An irrigated area suitable for growing 3000 2’x2’ modules is located near our 6 greenhouses.



Sedum Master

Sedum Master: Residential & Commercial

This product is perfect for “do-it-yourself” and custom projects. Sedum Master's plants can be grown on-site and are available in a variety of sedum species. Please see our plant catalog for a list of all the species.


Sedum Master's blankets are thin, light-weight mats (sometimes referred to as “vegetative mats”) and are instantly green! They are easy to cut and install around vents and other rooftop equipment. Also, they are very versatile and designed to go on top of a prepared base or other modular systems.
Sedum Master's panels are an installer's dream! They are interlocking trays and sold as mature, instantly green products. Also, they are lined with a biocloth and pre-engineered growing medium.



Sika Sarnafil
Sika Sarnafil: Commercial only

Sika Sarnafil develops and manufactures goods for the commercial building marketplace and markets them to building owners, architects, consultants, contractors and specifiers.

Sika Sarnafil’s ‘Extensive’ Green Roof Systems are relatively lightweight and may be installed over any properly designed deck, including concrete, wood and steel. These systems feature only a few inches of soil and typically support smaller plantings tolerant of high heat, drought, wind, and frost. Extensive-style roofs are often used in areas that will not be subject to regular traffic.


Sika Sarnafil’s ‘Intensive” Green Roof Systems are generally heavier in weight and are installed on decks designed to accommodate heavy loads. Because the soil is fairly deep, Intensive systems may host trees, shrubs, bushes, and vegetable gardens. Some Intensive roof systems are even used for recreational purposes.


Sika Sarnafil’s G476 waterproofing membranes are fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic sheets specially formulated to remain watertight in below-grade and green roof applications. The membrane withstands constant dampness, high alkalinity, exposure to plant roots, fungi, and bacterial organisms, as well as varying levels of hydrostatic pressure. Membranes are orange/grey for easy inspection and are available in 60, 80, and 96 mil thicknesses.


Sika Sarnafil has several options for Pre-Fabricated Drainage Composites to promote drainage within green roof assemblies. Each composite incorporates specially designed ‘core structures’ to evacuate water and ‘filter fabric’ to prevent soil from entering the drainage structure.


Sika Sarnafil offers Sarnatherm rigid insulation boards to meet thermal insulation requirements. Sarnatherm XPS is a rigid extruded polystyrene insulation board installed under or over a Sika Sarnafil waterproofing membrane, depending on the green roof waterproofing system design. Sarnatherm insulation is made of polyisocyanurate insulation and may be used under the waterproofing membrane in conjunction with a coverboard. The insulation boards are available in various sizes, depending upon the thermal resistance requirements and application, and are also available in tapered configurations to enhance drainage.
Sarnafil Services has established relationships with a group of leading experts skilled in the design and construction of green roofs and provides customers with a Single Source Green Roof Delivery and Warranty Program. Sika Sarnafil’s G476 waterproofing membrane is the central element in the program. Experts skilled in engineering, soil sciences, hydrology, horticulture, and other disciplines work together on a project basis, with Sarnafil Services acting as the ‘program manager’ — from preliminary planning to completion.



Urbanscape Green Solutions
Urbanscape Green Solutions: Residential & Commercial
Knauf Insulation as one of the leading and fastest growing manufacturers of insulation materials and mineral wool growing media introduces the new Urbanscape Green Roof System with complete, easy to install layers delivered directly to the customer.
Urbanscape Green Roof System:
Urbanscape is an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed for residential, non-residential and industrial buildings. We offer a complete system, consisting of:- root membrane,
- drainage system with or without buffer,
- unique patented rock mineral wool multipurpose growing layer and
- a vegetation layer.
Green Roof Modular system:
Urbanscape Green Roof Module is an innovative, lightweight module with high water retention capacity, designed for easy and fast installation on residential and commercial buildings. The system includes 3 layers:
- drainage,
- rock mineral wool multipurpose growing layer and
- pre-vegetated sedum blanket
If waterproofing is not root resistant, root barrier is provided as a separate layer.
Urbanscape Green Roll / Urbanscape Hydro Blanket:
Urbanscape Green Roll /Hydro Blanket is a lightweight, multipurpose growing layer made of long rock mineral wool fibers specially needled to form a compact and dimensionally stable felt. Green Roll /Hydro Blanket ensures excellent water retention and conservation as well as good retention of plant nutrients dissolved in the water. This makes the product the most suitable for growing plants as rock mineral felt absorbs the water through capillary action. Product can be used in green roofing to replace other substrates or as multipurpose layer in landscaping applications.



If you are interested in purchasing any of the above products or need additional information about them, please click on the company name!