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Turf & Soil Diagnostics announces the merger of Hummel & Co. Laboratory and Turf Diagnostics & Design


Linwood, KS - (December 5, 2014)
- The two leading physical testing labs serving the landscape, golf and sports turf industries are joining together to form Turf & Soil Diagnostics. Effective January 1, 2015, Hummel & Co. Laboratory of New York and Turf Diagnostics & Design of Kansas will operate under the Turf & Soil Diagnostics banner.

Sam Ferro, who will be president of the newly joined company, says “the fusion of the two companies will allow us to bring the best of both labs into each location to form a powerhouse laboratory network. The testing expertise and experience that we are bringing together is unparalleled in our industry.”

Turf & Soil Diagnostics expects this union to improve customer confidence and widen its customer base. The laboratories will work together on test procedures, quality control programs, and customer service. As the only lab with multiple locations, the company will offer unmatched reach and service capabilities.

About Turf & Soil Diagnostics
Turf & Soil Diagnostics is the leading physical testing company serving the landscape, golf and sports turf industries. Turf & Soil Diagnostics provides compliance testing and research & development on green roof growing media (intensive and extensive mixes), components, aggregates, and drainage materials. Our testing services include standardized methods and specialized techniques developed in our laboratory. Test results can be compared to industry standards such as FLL or product or project specifications. All work is performed and reviewed by our professional scientists according to standard operating procedures. For more information, please contact Sam Ferro at (913) 723-3700 or


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